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Overseas Moving Company

Our overseas shipping services are set up so that you and your families move abroad is as easy as can be.

Overseas Moving Company

Our overseas shipping services are set up so that you and your families move abroad is as easy as can be.

International Moving Services by Sunset Moving

Moving to another country is a big change. If you are preparing to take this step, it is important to make sure you are ready for what lies ahead. If this is your first international relocation, finding a reliable moving company is the smartest course of action. The best professional movers will be ready to guide you through the whole process of relocation. If you choose Sunset Moving as your moving helpers, our expert staff will be at your disposal from the very first time you contact us until you settle in your new home.

Sunset Moving is a team of professional movers with extensive experience in international relocation, be it residential or corporate moving. This makes us the best choice for your upcoming move to another country. If you decide to hire us as your moving helpers, our representatives will work hard at designing a custom moving plan tailored to fit your needs. This includes choosing the right services from a wide offer. Read on to find out more about the services we provide, and decide which ones fit your needs best

Air Freight Shipping

If you are moving on a tight deadline, air freight shipping might be the right way for you. This is a safe way of transporting your belongings and is very time-efficient. However, given the nature of air carriers, the amount of goods we are able to relocate using air freight is quite limited. In addition, air freight is more costly than its ocean counterpart. For this reason, we suggest opting for our air freight services only if you are transporting your personal belongings and have deadlines to meet.

Ocean Freight Shipping

Unlike air freight, ocean freight shipping can be quite affordable. The amount of goods being transported is relatively unlimited, as various sizes of crates are available. Ocean freight is a safe way of transporting your goods, but it takes more time. Sunset Moving utilizes several ports on both coasts of the United States, so regardless of where you are moving from, our ocean freight service is always an option.

International Car Transport

If you are moving to another country for a longer period of time, you will likely need your vehicle with you. We at Sunset Moving will be more than glad to provide you with international auto shipping services as well. Regardless of the type, size, weight, or price of the car you need transported, we can handle it. As with your household belongings, you will be given the opportunity to choose between ocean freight and air freight service – the biggest difference between the two being the price and the time.

International Corporate Relocation

If you are in the process of expanding or moving your business to another country, you will likely need some help with the relocation. Sunset Moving offers great international moving quotes for your employees, as well as safe transport of their personal belongings and your office furniture and supplies. Our staff has been trained to handle all kinds of items commonly found in offices, such as computers, projectors, printers, and other equipment.

Professional Packing Services

If you are apprehensive about packing those belongings which are quite fragile or valuable, or simply don’t want to be bothered with moving boxes, you can opt to hire our professional packers to do the job for you. They have had extensive training in handling all kinds of items that require special attention, from kitchen glassware to grand pianos. Our professional packing services include dismantling, packing, unpacking, reassembling, and getting rid of debris. In addition, we will provide all the moving boxes and other moving supplies required for your relocation.


If it so happens that your new home is still not ready for you and your belongings, Sunset Moving can provide you with storage units for your furniture and other items. All of our units are climate-controlled, which means that they are suitable even for those objects that require special conditions. And not only that, but the storage units will be free for the first thirty days! If you think you will need our free storage units during your relocation, make sure you inform our representatives.

Sunset Moving is an international moving company that provides relocation services from and to the United States. We will help you move home to any place in the world. Most of our clients move from America to one of the following countries:

Is the country you are moving to not on the list? Don’t worry, Sunset Moving provides relocation service to all parts of the world. Give us a call and our representatives will provide you with the best international moving price estimates and additional information. We are looking forward to hearing from you.