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Toronto international movers: Moving to New York from Toronto with Sunset International Shipping

Unlike many people who dream of living in Toronto, you are moving from Toronto to New York. The decision to move abroad probably wasn’t easy to make, but now that you’ve decided, it’s time to get started. As your adventure awaits, your moving date is also getting closer.

Moving to New York from Toronto

Most international relocations are demanding and take a lot of your energy and time. Be prepared to deal with a lot of challenging tasks that come with your international move. To make your relocation a lot more manageable, consider the help of professional Toronto international movers. By hiring reliable Toronto international movers, your difficult and tedious international relocation will become much easier. You will have professionals who will help you with every part of the moving process.

Sunset International Shipping is an experienced moving company that provides plenty of useful, high-quality moving services. Our customers come from different cities all over Canada, and all of them satisfied with the moving services that we provide.

What do we offer?

Our Toronto international movers will help you organize your relocation – you just tell us what you need. Based on that, they will give you advice on what moving services you should decide to use. Toronto international movers will also share moving tips and advice that can be very useful during the move.

If you need help with packing, tell our movers who will gladly assist you. We know how complicated it can be to deal with packing when you don’t have enough moving supplies, which is why our Toronto international movers will provide you with all the moving supplies and equipment that you will need, including moving boxes.


Toronto international movers offer two shipping options – international sea shipping and international air shipping services. If you are looking for an affordable option, then we recommend you use international shipping by sea. It’s safe, it’s great when you want to move a lot of items, but it is not that fast. Is it essential that your things arrive as soon as possible? If so, then opt for international shipping by air service.

New York

New York is a metropolis that can easily be described as a big collection of plenty of different neighborhoods that are scattered among New York’s five main boroughs, namely, the Bronx, Manhattan, Staten Island, Queens, and Brooklyn.

Things to do in New York City

There are a lot of things to do in New York, from visiting amazing museums to dancing in nightclubs and everything in between. The city is also packed full of restaurants and other food service buildings where you can eat, and there is always a new restaurant that provides something new to try.

If you are ready to begin your move to New York City from Toronto, then why not move there with the help of a professional moving company such as Sunset International Shipping. Contact our friendly representatives to get help with your entire moving process. So, call us, and let Sunset International Shipping help you complete your relocation quickly and with as few problems as possible.

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