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Hawaii may seem like paradise on earth, but there is a list of reasons why you should not relocate here. So, before you start packing your bags, read the following facts down below!

Cost of Living

Hawaii has an extremely high cost of living. Another word for this is the paradise tax. Some say that you can’t have the best of both worlds, so if you do want to live in paradise, you are going to have to pay the price. Ordinary things you buy on a day to day basis are quite expensive, even groceries. Purchasing or renting out a house will probably cost you 2-3 times more than what you are paying on the mainland, and the property is at least a 1/3 of the size. Basically any item that is not made on the island is really pricey. Due to the fact that the necessary items are more expensive here means that eating in restaurants or going to see a movie is also quite expensive.


Getting a Job

Jobs are quite hard to get in Hawaii, especially if you are not a local. You are probably going to have to work a couple of easy beach jobs to pay for rent because one won’t be enough. A college degree might not come of use here and if it does, it is most likely taken. You are probably going to be in the position to take any job you can get just to live here.


Get used to everything having to be waited on. Purchasing things online may be simple in other parts of the country, but in Hawaii, you are going to probably be waiting months before your package arrives especially if it is free shipping.

Timing on the Island

Everything is slow on the island because Hawaii operates at its own pace. People are likely to be late for appointments, which is frowned upon in other parts of the world, but completely normal here.

Bugs and Carnivores

Centipedes, roaches, mosquitoes, and other sorts of bugs is what Hawaii is infested with. They are absolutely everywhere! Apart from them come the more dangerous sides of this beautiful island. These danger zones include jellyfish and sharks. As time goes by you might read in the paper of a shark attack that has happened, maybe even on your beach. This is not common, but it definitely does happen!

The Weather

Not all days on Paradise Island are sunny and perfect. The weather happens to be a reason why people decide to not relocate here. A scare most people have when relocating to a small rock in the middle of the Pacific Ocean far away from civilization is the Tsunami. Other problems that occur here from time to time would be floods, and if you don’t protect yourself, the sun can also be a danger.

The Military

The military has brought a list of problems on the island and number one on the list is that they are everywhere coming and going. You never know how long a military family will be in the neighborhood which makes it tough on getting to know your neighbors. One day they come, and they can stay for a couple of weeks or months depending on their contract. Military families are more privileged on the island and get a lot of discounts on almost everything which means they pay less in taxes on their purchases. The island is filled with military bases all across the area which causes a lot of traffic and crowds.

In conclusion, these are just the cons that you should be prepared for if you are planning on relocating here. Hawaii is truly a remarkable place that any person would be lucky to relocate to.