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If you’re hiring a moving company, especially if it’s your first time moving, you should know about the additional moving services they usually provide. Read on to find out more about them and whether or not you need them.

Additional moving services

Deciding that it’s time to move is the first step when it comes to relocation. The entire process can be very stressful and especially time-consuming, for both you and your family and the people around you. Which is why most people decide to hire a moving company that provides the right moving services that suit them. But you should know about all the services that the company offers before signing anything. You should check out if the company provides the additional services that you might need, are they already included in the service and how much they cost. The following pointers will hopefully help your decision-making process when it comes to additional moving services the next time you move.

Professional packing services

Packing is by far one of the biggest parts of moving. You want all of your belongings to be safely packed and transported to your new home. Understandably, you’ll worry about them on their trip, but you’ll surely worry much less if you hire a moving company to do the packing for you. Especially when it comes to any fragile items or possessions that are very valuable. Plenty of companies provide packing services, for all kinds of items and pieces of furniture. Professional packers are trained in packing various possessions and are experienced in doing it the best way possible. By request they can also unpack all of your belongings when the transportation is over, saving you from going through all the hassle that is packing and unpacking.

Special items and requests

Deserving a section of its own, handling of special household items or any specific requests that you might have are also in the arsenal of moving companies. Whether it’s an antique that’s been in your family for ages, a special piece of art or your very own custom piano, it’s almost always better to let the professionals handle it instead of doing it yourself.

Disassembling and reassembling of furniture

Another aspect of moving that is best left to the professionals. Some furniture pieces are just too big, too bulky or too intricate to be transported easily. This is why leaving it to professional packers who probably have experience and are trained to do it is probably for the best, unless you want to damage your items or, even worse, suffer any injuries.

Appliance servicing

This too is among the most annoying parts of packing and moving. Which is exactly why moving companies offer doing it for you. Doing all the disconnecting and reconnecting, handling the wires and cords, the professional movers will do it for you and set all of your appliances up in your new home.

Storage facilities

It’s very common for people to end up needing more space to store their items, while on the move. And plenty of people don’t plan for it either, as it is usually an unexpected issue that pops up while you’re on the move. This is why many moving companies provide secure storage facilities that you can use if this happens to you.

Hopefully these pointers will prove helpful for you in the future, and don’t forget that Sunset Movers offer some of these services at affordable prices.

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