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    You’ve probably heard it before, but having a policy of any kind will definitely bring you a sense of additional protection in every aspect of your life. Moving insurance does the exact same thing – it allows you to prepare for moving overseas devoid of overthinking and excessive worry, which can disturb your focus. Relocations are never easy to go through, and any amount of stress that can be taken out of the equation is to be praised.

    To Be or Not to Be Insured, There Should be No Dilemma

    Being prepared for the unexpected is an essential part of every successful relocation. Because no matter how much you plan and organize the move, accidents can happen. That’s why Sunset International Shipping company offers its customers different insurance policies that will protect their belongings during overseas shipping.

    Keep in mind that your belongings will travel overseas, and a lot of unpredictable things can occur. That’s why there should be no dilemma about the insurance policies. After all, it is always better to have one than not. Therefore, when booking a move ask our representatives to explain to you all the benefits that come with insurance policies. We are sure that when you understand how the coverage works, the whole relocation process will be less stressful.

    Having an International Moving Insurance Coverage Is the Best Stress Relief Help Out There

    Sunset International Shipping focuses on your well-being in every aspect of your relocation towards a new home, and we’re the best partners in this life-changing event you’re going through. Each of our many services serves the purpose of making the relocation process an easy one, so our customers may sit back and enjoy the ride. To top it all off with an additional stress repellent, there are different types of insurance for moving companies that we can provide you with.

    What a Good Overseas Moving Company Does Is to Give You Different Options

    Good movers will take utmost care of your belongings, but the best movers will provide you with additional protection. This is why Sunset international moving company will give you a choice for insuring your move:

    • Mandatory liability coverage is the most basic type by which your belongings are insured. It comes at no additional cost and is eligible for each item moved by our company. It provides only minimal protection for your goods, though, and if you file a claim, it will cover only 60 cents per pound of any item that received damage.
    • Full Value Replacement is a completely different liability. At an additional cost, if any damage happens to your belongings during the move, the relocation company is liable for the cover. Movers have the option to repair the damaged items, replace them, or pay for their value.

    You should contact us directly for any additional information to help you decide which liability suits your overseas shipping best. Most importantly, you should keep in mind that customer satisfaction is a top priority for our company. If any damage occurs to your belongings, we will work towards resolving the cover for the claim.

    For All Items That You Value the Most, You Need to Take Additional Moving Insurance

    The mandatory liability coverage can offer some sense of protection, although it will only cover 60 cents per pound of the damaged items. This is less than minimal for any goods of value you may be transporting, whether it has sentimental value or that in money. That’s why we always encourage each and every customer to buy an additional policy when shipping overseas to a new home.

    Feeling Confused About Whether You Need to Get Insured? Contact Us for a Free Quote and Ask Away

    If you choose the Full Value Replacement option from our overseas shipping company, make sure you contact us directly to get fully informed on how it works. There are two basic conditions, though – to provide us with a detailed inventory list, no items skipped. And the other is to have our movers pack everything from your home you want to be covered by FVRI.

    Being on the Move With Movers That Actually Care Makes Moving Internationally Less Stressful and More Fun

    We never meant to brag, but our customers always say they’ve had an ultimate relocation experience with Sunset International Shipping. But we don’t like to stay still; instead, we strive to move forward. Each of our many services is meant to bring you a sense of safety when relocating from your current home to a new one. Above all, we love to provide you with each convenience we can come up with. Your ease is one of the most vital things in our book, and that’s why we provide you with additional protection in the form of relocation insurance for your upcoming move.

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