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    Shipping Oversized Cargo

    What Falls under the ‘Oversized’ Cargo Shipment?

    Generally, there are limits to every kind of transportation shipment. Those limits, however, vary when it comes to the size or weight ratio, and can differ drastically from one type of shipment to another. In most cases, this cargo limit is set to anything that can fit inside a 40 foot shipping container. We at Sunset Moving have more freedom, since our shipments can be transported by air freight, sea freight, and even door-to-door shipping is available.

    Shipping oversized cargo is a matter of detail, proper planning, execution and the cost will depend on the actual size of the freight, machinery or heavy equipment being transported. If you happen to be transporting some machinery and equipment, it sometimes is the case that they are just too wide, too tall or too long to fit the standard specifications for a container service.

    Trying to figure out whether your cargo will fit requires knowing the standard shipping container dimensions as well as that of the cargo.

    How does shipping heavy equipment and cargo work?

    There are a few different options to choose from. The following methods are the most popular ways of shipping oversize freight.

    Lift-On Lift-Off (LoLo)

    As it implies, transporting with lift on lift off is used for vessels that don’t have storage in the hull. So the items, machines, or equipment are loaded onto the deck via crane.

    Roll-On Roll-Off (RoRo)

    Using the RoRo method for shipping oversize freight internationally is another option. This type of transport is cost effective and simple for large vehicles like trucks, motorhomes and RVs.

    They are rolled onto the shipping vessel below deck and out of the elements. Generally, operators adhere to a 15-foot height restriction for the loading ramp going into the hull of the ship.

    Flat Rack Shipping Method

    This essentially uses a large container minus the walls and roof. It’s common when shipping boats overseas, trucks, RVs and heavy machinery.

    Often, these flat racks are the last items to be loaded onto a ship which means the cargo will generally be more exposed to the elements over the course of the sailing.

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