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    International Moving by Air

    First and foremost, before embarking on a moving experience, it is only natural to find the company that can be trusted. There are a lot of moving companies out there, but not all of them are honest, reliable, or professional. With Sunset Moving, this is different. What we say, we provide, be it assistance with the packing, planning your moving budget, providing moving boxes and additional storage, and the list goes on. The one thing we particularly like to take pride in is our international transportation service, that consists of air freight, sea freight and door-to-door shipping.

    With your belongings in our hands, you won’t have to worry if they are being looked after. We can assure you of their state before shipping, during and all the way until the moment of delivery. Our experience in this matter is as vast as the ocean we ship across.

    Depending on the size of your cargo, or the size of your budget, you can choose between these three options of shipment.

    There are some general rules we like to mention beforehand though: Usually smaller shipments are placed on air freight, because the larger ones are mostly directed to the overseas transportation. The air freight also takes a lot less time, and is a great solution for all those who have no time to waste to get to their desirable destination. Efficiency and safety are two of its best qualities. Having that in mind, you can’t compare the prices of these two choices. If you choose air freight, you will get and extremely quick and efficient service, which comes at a price. That price plummets drastically if you decide to take the longer, more extensive way of shipping things via sea.

    If you have any doubts about this, or care to know more, you can contact us at Sunset Moving at any time, and our experts will be happy to help you with any information they can. Advice they will give you will cost nothing, but it is invaluable when you are moving house abroad for the first time.

    So Why Work with Sunset International Shipping?

    Don’t just choose us because we have the best reviews, choose us because our overseas shipping company can do it the right way, the efficient way, and provide the best value and service in the business. We provide total professionalism, the right shipping services, competitive and fair prices and we’re here when you have a question. We’ve been around for years, stay in the loop on current and procedures, regulations, transshipment routes and work with only the best partners. Anyone we hire is subject to a background check and extensive screening and training. Sunset International Shipping is completely licensed, bonded, and insured. You can be assured of quality service, always.

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    Whether you choose to move by air or sea, we can help you budget and plan. We can even do all your packing for you. Schedule a call today!

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    Moving can be tough. That’s why we provide 30 days of free storage to make it easier.

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