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    Do you find yourself in need of assistance with your moving process? Don’t skip reading the next several lines just yet. We at Sunset Moving can do just that. If you need to move to a country overseas, we have just the right offer for you. We can help you transport your cargo and in more than one way. Years of experience in this business will guarantee you our professionalism.

    Our company specializes in three ways of transporting, door-to-door, air freight and ocean freight. This type of service will cater to those whose expenses have already reached a breaking point, or those who wish to save money on transportation fees. Ocean freight is the clear choice for the latter. This type of transportation not only saves you a lot of money, it gives you the security of a boat.The cargo will be safely loaded and carefully stored, so that no outside influences can get to it. We can ship your belongings using shared containers, lift vans or exclusive containers. The choice between these can depend on a variety of factors, like the size or the weight of your shipment, or the willingness to pay some extra cash for a better service that will protect the cargo to the fullest, in a steel, cage-like container.

    We are best known for our high performance standards when it comes to dealing with sensitive cargo that’s been destined to be delivered from USA to any country abroad. Ocean freight logistics is not a foreign concept to us. We can guarantee the safety of your precious cargo, in the process of moving house, moving your company abroad, or transporting your vehicle using our services. One more thing we can assure you of is that there are no hidden costs, and that the bill will be the same as we have formerly agreed upon.

    Don’t hesitate to give us a call and find more about ocean freight or shipping in general from one of our knowledgeable experts. It is not going to cost you anything, but it could help you a great deal. That is why we are here after all. To assist your move and to do it the way you want us to, completely professionally and responsibly.

    So Why Work with Sunset International Shipping?

    Don’t just choose us because we have the best reviews, choose us because our overseas shipping company can do it the right way, the efficient way, and provide the best value and service in the business. We provide total professionalism, the right shipping services, competitive and fair prices and we’re here when you have a question. We’ve been around for years, stay in the loop on current and procedures, regulations, transshipment routes and work with only the best partners. Anyone we hire is subject to a background check and extensive screening and training. Sunset International Shipping is completely licensed, bonded, and insured. You can be assured of quality service, always.

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    Whether you choose to move by air or sea, we can help you budget and plan. We can even do all your packing for you. Schedule a call today!

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    Moving can be tough. That’s why we provide 30 days of free storage to make it easier.

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