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Marine Insurance

When you are moving to a new country, Sunset International Shipping recommends that you purchase Marine Insurance. Your goods will be handled by more than one company and be subject to multiple points of transfer. If you do not wish to purchase the insurance we offer through Wells Fargo, you are welcome to use any Marine Insurance broker or company that you choose.

If you choose to purchase Marine Insurance, you will be required to complete and sign an Insurance Application and value inventory.

Important note: Your completed and signed Insurance Application and value inventory must be received by Sunset International at least two business days before your goods are picked up, or you will only have the option to be covered for total loss.

There are two types of Marine Insurance

  • Total Loss, you are only covered in the event of total loss of your shipment.
  • All Risk, can only cover goods packed by Sunset International Shipping. This is comprehensive coverage that includes damage to your goods. We highly recommend this option.

How much does Marine Insurance Cost?

  • The insurance cost is 3% of your Total Declared Value.
  • The cost is the same for Total Loss or All Risk Insurance.
  • The minimum insurance cost is $150.00

Obtain a copy of the Insurance Application here. This is offered for reference only. When booking your international move with Sunset International Shipping, we offer a version of this form that can be completed on a mobile device or in a browser, with no printing required.

Reasons to consider purchasing Transit Insurance

Moving companies typically limit their liability to 10-60 cents per lb. In the event of damage, it is highly unlikely that this limited liability would provide adequate coverage to repair or replace your damaged items.

For example, should your 5 lb. laptop computer get damaged and cost $1,500 to replace, your move may only be liable for the following:
5 lbs x $0.60 = $3.00

Although your moving company will take every precaution to ensure your shipment arrives safely, accidents do happen. Even the most qualified movers encounter occasional claims for loss or damage. Purchasing “all risk coverage” indemnifies you for full replacement at destination.

Completing a Valued Inventory

A detailed valued inventory is highly recommended. Claim settlement will be based upon the declared value specified on the declaration, or the cost of replacement or repair.

Should a valued inventory not be completed, claim settlement will be limited to a maximum of US $1,000 per item or set subject to a per pound valuation.

The Importance of Co-Insurance

Shipments should be insured at their full value or will be subject to the Co-Insurance Clause. If a shipment is not insured for full value, the insured shall to the extent of such deficit bear their proportion of the loss.

For example, should a $100,000 shipment be insured for only $50,000 and sustain partial damage, the insured may only be entitled to 50% of the amount claimed. If a $1,000 couch was destroyed, the shipper would only receive $500 compensation from insurance underwriters.

Insuring Personal Vehicles

Automobiles, motorcycles, and boats can be insured and must be specifically declared. Coverage is for actual cash value at destination. Origin and destination condition reports are required (see your forwarder). The value of non-factory installed accessories (stereo systems, DVD players, GPS devices, etc) must be listed separately.

Storing Goods at Origin or Destination

This policy provides 60 days storage coverage at origin and 60 days at destination, warranted that goods are stored in your movers and/or their agent’s commercial, enclosed warehouse. Storage coverage can be extended for an additional premium. Please contact Wells Fargo Insurance to arrange an extension.