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    International Relocation to Geneva, Switzerland with Sunset Moving

    Are you considering moving to Switzerland, but still unsure about which city exactly to move to? If that is the case, we at Sunset Moving would like to make a suggestion – Geneva. The second most populous city in the country of Switzerland has so much to offer both to its visitors and to its residents.

    Before you start packing your belongings into moving boxes, we believe it is important to learn more about the city you are about to start calling home. For that reason, we at Sunset Moving have decided to present you with this short guide to the city of Geneva and the process of international relocation.

    About Geneva, Switzerland

    Geneva is the second most populous city in the country of Switzerland, right after Zurich. It is also the most populous city of the French part of the country known as Romandie. It lies on the banks of the Rhone River and Lake Geneva.

    People of Geneva, Switzerland

    Geneva is home to almost 200,000 people. A vast majority of its residents are of French descent. However, as a result of mass immigration to the city in the 20th century, considerable Italian, Portuguese, and Spanish communities live here as well. There is a high number of expatriates from English-speaking countries as well. Non-Swiss nationalities make up for almost a half of the city’s residents.

    The official language of the city, as well as the whole canton is French. However, given the demographic mixture, languages such as Spanish, Portuguese, English, and Italian can be commonly heard as well.

    Almost 40 per cent of the population are Roman Catholics. Somewhere around 23 per cent have no religious affiliations, while a large portion, around 13 per cent, belong to the Swiss Reformed Church. Other religions in Geneva include Islam, Orthodox Christianity, Judaism, Buddhism, Hinduism, and other.

    Places to Live in Geneva, Switzerland

    Geneva offers a number of beautiful neighborhoods to live in. The best way to choose the one for yourself is, of course, to visit Geneva at least once before your international relocation. That is the only way you can truly experience what living in different neighborhoods is like. However, since the last thing you would want to be bothered with while packing your belongings is traveling, we at Sunset Moving have compiled a quick guide to some of the best neighborhoods in Geneva:

    • Central Geneva. This is a beautiful, historical area set in the heart of the city. This also means that it is one of the city’s most expensive neighborhoods. Living here means having access to excellent restaurants, bars, and coffee shops. Most residents of this neighborhood are young professionals, executives, and other people with high income.
    • Acacias. This area is home to a number of large companies, which means that it offers vast employment opportunities within walking distance of your future home. While the residential buildings are a little older, the area is very well connected by public transport.
    • Paquis. This is one of the liveliest neighborhoods in the city. It is home to a large number of expats, which contributes to its international feel. There is a handful of restaurants and entertainment venues here. Public transport is well-developed.
    • Cologny. Although this one is quite far away from the Genevan downtown, it offers stunning views on the rest of the city. Residential properties here are pretty large and not exactly cheap. This is a perfect place for families with children, as it offers access to vast outdoor areas.

    The Weather in Geneva, Switzerland

    The city of Geneva belongs to the temperate oceanic climate zone. This means that it experiences cool winters and pleasant summers. Rainfall is quite evenly distributed throughout the year, with some 40 inches of rain annually. If you are moving to Geneva from the west coast of the States, you should have no problems adapting to the weather in Switzerland.

    Moving to Geneva, Switzerland

    Before you start packing your bags, there is only one thing left to do – head over to the official website of the Embassy of Switzerland in Washington D.C. ( in order to get more information on the country’s immigration policies and visa requirements.

    Once the paperwork is over with, it is time for you to move to Geneva! Contact Sunset Moving today to get more information on our wide array of services, including:

    • International residential and corporate relocation services
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    • And many more.

    Don’t hesitate to ask our staff any questions you might have. Request our free in-home moving estimate in order to receive the best international moving rates. Contact Sunset Moving today to schedule your international relocation to Geneva, Switzerland!

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