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    International Relocation to Milan, Italy with Sunset Moving

    Have you always dreamt about living in Italy? Have you always wished you would wake up every day, breathing the fresh Lombardy air, walking the streets filled with history, and enjoying all the beauties that the city of Milan has to offer? If so, Sunset Moving is here to make that dream come true.

    Moving to another country is a big step, and the only way to avoid any unpleasant surprises or problems in the relocation process is to plan everything to the last detail. A good starting point for creating your moving plan would be to get acquainted with the city you are about to start calling home.

    The City of Milan

    Milan is the capital of the Lombardy region in the north of Italy. It is the center of the nation’s most populous metropolitan area. The city of Milan was first settled around 400 BC, which makes it one of the most prominent historical cities of the world. As such, it offers exquisite places of interest both to its visitors and to its residents.

    The People of Milan, Italy

    Milan is home to more than a million people. It is the most multicultural city in Italy, due to decades of continuous immigration. It is home to the oldest and largest Chinese community in the country. There is also a considerable number of English-speaking expatriates, including Americans, the British, and Australians.

    Most Milan’s residents are Catholics, around 90 per cent of them. However, the city is also home to considerable numbers of people of other religions, such as Orthodox Christians, Buddhists, Jews, Muslims, and Protestants.

    The Weather in Milan, Italy

    The city of Milan belongs to the humid subtropical climate zone. This means that it experiences hot and humid summers and cold winters with a lot of fog. During winters, Milan sees a considerable amount of snow, while average daily temperatures often drop below the freezing point. In summer, temperatures often reach over 95 degrees. The city receives a very small amount of annual precipitation. If you are moving to Milan from, let’s say, Texas or Oklahoma, you don’t have to worry about getting accustomed to the city’s climate.

    Places to Live in Milan, Italy

    Milan is home to a large number of beautiful neighborhoods. The only way to discover which one is truly the best for you is to travel to Milan at least once before your relocation. That is the only way to experience first-hand what it is like to live in Milan. However, if you are unable to do so, we at Sunset Moving have compiled a list of some of the most livable neighborhoods. These include:

    • Isola. This neighborhood is mainly populated by working class, but is increasingly becoming fashionable and hip. The costs of living are low as compared to the rest of the city. A large number of students and young professionals have been moving here over the last couple of decades.
    • Porta Romana. This is a residential area with a number of local shops, restaurants and squares. However, as it has no parks, it might not be the best option for families. It is car-friendly, as parking is easy to find. It is home to the Policlinico hospital and the renowned Bocconi University.
    • Navigli. This charming, trendy neighborhood is relatively affordable and quiet. It is home to a handful of shops, restaurants, and street markets. It has been built around what was once the most important waterway canal of the city. Today, efforts are being made to bring tourists to this part of Milan.
    • Fiera. This neighborhood is mainly a commercial area built around a large exhibition venue known as Fiera Milano. There are several essential shops and a couple of conventional restaurants. This is considered one of the best residential areas in Milan, considering both the price and the standard of living. However, it is not as fun as other areas, it doesn’t have a bustling nightlife, so it might not be the perfect choice for young people.
    • Brera. This neighborhood is considered to be the most elegant part of the city. It is home to La Scala, Il Duomo, the Brera Museum, and numerous other attractions. Living in this area means being within walking distance from numerous amenities, such as shopping areas, or the historic center. Brera is not very car-friendly, so relying on public transport is the only course of action.

    Moving To Milan, Italy

    Before you start packing your moving boxes, make sure you check whether you have acquired all the paperwork needed to become an Italian resident. To find out more about Italy’s immigration policies, as well as requirements for visas and residency permits, we suggest you contact the Embassy of Italy in Washington D.C. or visit their official website.

    Once all the paperwork is over with, it is time for you to move to Milan. Contact Sunset Moving representatives today to learn more about our services, such as:

    • International residential relocation
    • International corporate relocation
    • Air freight shipping
    • Ocean freight shipping
    • Moving supplies
    • International auto transport
    • Storage service
    • And many more.

    Our representatives will be happy to provide you with any additional information you might need, as well as the best international moving price rates. Contact Sunset Moving today to schedule your international relocation to Milan, Italy!

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