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    Moving from Detroit with Sunset Moving

    How many times have you wondered what it would be like living abroad? Have you finally decided to make this dream come true? As you can probably guess, moving from Detroit will not be easy. It has been your home for several years, and you have many memories from here. However, you need to focus on your future and start a new chapter in your life. If you think that better job opportunities are waiting for you somewhere else, go for it. If you believe that raising your kids will be better somewhere else, then follow your instinct. We want to help you move wherever you choose as soon as possible. We are a reliable moving company. We are Sunset Moving. Our team is professional, dedicated, and always ready to help you.


    After you choose the country and the city of your future home, the process can begin. We will organize everything according to your needs. Since international moving is a complicated process, we need to plan it step by step. However, with our experts and excellent services, everything will be done successfully. Since we will plan and handle everything, you will have more free time. Use it to prepare for the new chapter of your life. Do some research on the city you are going to live in, check out the best neighborhood in the area, and look for good schools for your children. Learn something about the country’s customs and culture. The process of adjustment will be a lot of easier if you do that.

    When it comes to our services, read about them and decide which ones suit your needs.

    International moving by air – A lot of people decide the best way to transport their belongings is using air freight. It is an excellent choice if time is of the essence. Your shipment will be quickly and efficiently transported to the given address. However, keep in mind that air freight is reserved for smaller shipments, and it also costs more.


    International moving by sea – If you choose this option, you will spend less money since it is more affordable than the previous one. Ocean freight is also convenient if you have a large shipment. Although it will take more time to transport your belongings by by sea, your things will be safe all the way.


    International car shipping – Many people who own a vehicle want it transported overseas. If you are not familiar with the process, you are probably anxious and worried. Bear in mind that Sunset Moving has extensive experience in international car transport. All you have to do is follow a few simple steps to prepare your car for the shipment.

    Other services that we offer include custom crating, packing services, storage units, shipment tracking, door-to-door shipping, etc.

    Feel free to contact us, because we are ready to answer all of your questions. Don’t wait any longer and pick a moving date. Sunset Moving is waiting for your call.

    International Moving by Air

    Whether you decide to ship your goods using air freight or ocean freight, Sunset Moving can handle all your moving needs. Need to ship your vehicle? We do that too.

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    Packing Services

    One thing you can’t escape when moving is packing. That’s we employ packing experts capable of protecting the most fragile possessions.

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    Overseas Vehicle Shipping

    With Sunset Moving, you can ship a vehicle from the US to many destinations worldwide, with the best ocean freight options.

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    We offer storage at every point of your trip, including 30 days of free storage at the origin on some occasions. Our high standards at Sunset Moving will not leave you hanging when it comes to placing your belongings in a safe storage space.

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    Sunset International Shipping Review

    Wendy T.

    In December, we moved to a new house in Italy. Man, it was our family’s dream for a while. No matter that we tried to mentally prepare for this process ahead of time, we had no idea of how things would turn out. The price quoted was a bit more expensive than we expected, but well worth it, as all our belongings to get to the new place without a scratch! We didn’t have to worry much about packing and wrapping as we had to take care of many other things. These guys work quietly, gently, generally well done. In addition, a fridge and washing machine were really heavy, but they moved it without hesitation. In the end, the cost turned out to be as much as the manager calculated!

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