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    What to Expect When International Moving to Frankfurt

    Sunset International Shipping is sure that you will find Germany’s geography (filled with mountains, shores, and forests) to be just as varied as the people that inhabit it.  Germany has the largest economy in Europe, with a very large manufacturing industry.  Germany is a leader in the automobile industry, best known for bringing luxury brands like BMW and Mercedes to the rest of the world.  Germany takes social welfare very seriously, making great efforts to maintain a peaceful, pleasurable quality of life for its inhabitants. Not only does Germany offer a wealth of cultural advantages, but also the perfect environment for many different physical activities—such as skiing or hiking. In general, most people international moving to Germany consider relocating to Munich or Stuttgart as they are two of the most advanced industrial cities in the world with a great deal to offer.

    Germany has many strict resident and visa requirements. We suggest that you contact the German Consulate in your area to learn more before considering international moving to Germany. Make sure you do this at the beginning stages of planning international moving to Germany as it can take some time to get everything approved and in order.

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