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    If you plan on moving soon to Ontario, call Sunset International Movers to help you with your international move process. We offer a wide range of moving services to anyone who needs them. Our relocation staff are highly professional, so you can trust that they will arrive to your location on time. If you need your belongings prepared, the staff can provide secure packing services. Contact Sunset International Movers for a free in-home estimate and get competitive rates. We are a trusted international moving company.

    What Should I Expect When Moving to Ontario?

    There are many things to expect when moving to Ontario especially when Sunset International Movers can provide you with a wealth of knowledge. Our friendly neighbor to the north, Canada is an expansive country that covers land from the Atlantic to the Pacific Ocean.  Canada is composed of ten provinces and three territories—Yukon, Northwest Territories, British Columbia, Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba, Nunavut, Ontario, Quebec, Newfoundland and Labrador, New Brunswick, Nova Scotia and Prince Edward Island.  Canada’s climate and land is as varied as the people who live there, consisting of everything from mountain ranges to low land marshes. Prior to moving to Canada it is important that you contact your local Canadian Consulate as there are many different visas and permits necessary for a US Citizens to obtain who intends to live in Canada to work or study.  Make sure you give yourself plenty of time to deal with applying for your Canadian visa or passport as the processing time can be lengthy.

    How Can Sunset International Movers Help Me Move to Canada?

    Sunset International Movers has many resources, tools, and experience to help move you to Canada. Our international moving company can offer you storage space at our secure facility. There you can trust that all of your things will be closely monitored and kept safe. While your belongings are being moved, you can actually track the shipment in motion. This can help you plan for the arrival of your belongings, which will be valuable during the moving process. You can prepare to unload everything in to your new home as it arrives. When you work with a professional international moving company to Canada, like Sunset International Movers, it will be very easy to book any service that you need. You can get guaranteed pricing for the belongings you have put in to place. If you read some of the rave reviews for our company, you may be impressed by the level of service you get from our moving experts.

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