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International Moving to Vancouver

Guaranteed prices for International Moving.
No hidden fees or surprises!

International Moving to Vancouver

Guaranteed prices for International Moving. No hidden fees or surprises!

International Relocation to Vancouver, Canada with Sunset Moving

Were you just offered a new job in Canada? Perhaps you are nearing retirement and wish to move to another country? Whatever the reason, we at Sunset Moving would be more than happy to help you relocate to Vancouver, Canada.

We are a dynamic team of individuals with one goal in mind – to make your relocation as safe and stress-free as possible. If you choose us as your international relocation partners, you will be given the chance to create your own moving plan, in accordance with your budget, deadlines, and other needs and requirements. We offer various relocation services tailored to satisfy all our clients. These include:

  • International residential relocation services
  • International corporate relocation services
  • International car shipping
  • Air freight shipping
  • Ocean freight shipping
  • Professional packing services
  • Dismantling, unpacking, and reassembling
  • Handling of fragile items and items of high value
  • Providing moving materials
  • Various insurance policies
  • And many more.

Before you contact us and begin your relocation process, it is important to find out more about the city that is about to become your new home. For that reason, we at Sunset Moving have put together this short guide to Vancouver, Canada.

About Vancouver, Canada

Vancouver is a seaport city in the Canadian province of British Columbia. It is the most populous city in the province, as well as the most densely populated city in Canada. It has been named one of the top five best cities to live in worldwide by multiple sources and several criteria. With that in mind, it is no wonder you are thinking about moving to Vancouver, Canada.

The People of Vancouver, Canada

Vancouver is home to over 630,000 people, while almost 2.5 million reside in its metro area. It is one of the most linguistically and ethnically diverse cities in the country. More than a half of Vancouverites have a mother tongue other than English.

Around 3 per cent of the population are Aboriginal peoples, while a large portion of white population has British and European origins. The Chinese part of the population dates back to the 19th century gold rush. All in all, around half of the population are Caucasian, a little over 1 per cent are of Latin descent. People of African origin make up 1 per cent of the population as well, while Middle Eastern origins are common to around 2 per cent of Vancouverites. South Asian, East Asian, and Southeast Asian people combined make up around 40 per cent of the population.

A majority of people, almost a half, claim to have no religious affiliation, while some 36 per cent are Christians. Other religions include Buddhism, Sikhism, Islam, Judaism, Hinduism, Paganism, Wicca, New Thought, Pantheism, Scientology, Rastafarian, Aboriginal Spirituality, and more.

The Neighborhoods of Vancouver, Canada

Vancouver is known as “the city of neighborhoods”. Each one of its neighborhoods is very distinct, with unique characteristics and charm. For example, neighborhoods such as South Granville and Kerrisdale still carry a strong air of British culture in them, while Little Italy makes you feel like you are in Rome or Venice. While all neighborhoods in Vancouver are beautiful, finding the right one for yourself is a tricky task. For that reason, we at Sunset Moving have compiled a list of the most attractive neighborhoods in the city of Vancouver. We hope that your future home is among them:

  • Downtown. Living in the heart of the city comes at a cost – rent can be very expensive depending on the exact location. However, it is possible to find affordable housing if you look hard enough. Living here means that you will most likely live in a high-rise building. Downtown offers pretty much all amenities you can think of.
  • Kitsilano. Also known as Kits, this neighborhood is popular for its beaches, the Kits Beach and the Jericho Beach. Although year-round sun tan doesn’t exactly come with the Canadian weather, an occasional visit to the beach can be refreshing during summer months. The neighborhood is mostly populated by young families and students. Rent in this area gets higher as you get closer to the Kits Beach. A room in a two or three bedroom home can rent for as low as $550, or as high as $900, depending on exact location.
  • East Vancouver. Sometimes referred to as East Van, is a down-to-earth neighborhood, mainly populated by working class, young couples and families, as well as students. It is one of the more affordable areas in the city. It is home to Main Street, known as the mecca of fashion and art. It also has a number of restaurants and cafes.
  • South Granville. Located south of Downtown, this area is very well connected with the rest of the city by public transport. There are express bus lines running to the University of British Columbia, which makes the neighborhood popular among students. While it is only slightly more affordable than Downtown, South Granville offers a wide selection of restaurants and bars, theaters, galleries, studios, as well as a fresh food market.
  • North Vancouver. This area of the city is becoming increasingly popular among expats. It is a suburban neighborhood perfect for raising a family. It is quite affordable and offers a wide variety of outdoor activities. It is relatively well connected by public transport.

Are you ready to move to Vancouver, Canada? If so, don’t hesitate to contact Sunset Moving for any additional information. Our representatives will provide you with the best international relocation price estimates.

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