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    International Relocation to Zurich, Switzerland with Sunset Moving

    Are you thinking about moving to Switzerland? Is Zurich your city of choice? If so, let Sunset Moving provide you with all the moving help you need. We are a team of relocation experts with a lot of experience in international moving from anywhere in the United States to anywhere in the world. We have helped countless clients relocate to Zurich, Switzerland, and we hope that you will be the next one.

    Before you start packing your belongings into moving boxes and loading them onto a moving truck, we suggest you read some more about the city you are about to relocate to. For that purpose, we at Sunset Moving have compiled a short guide to Zurich, Switzerland.

    About Zurich, Switzerland

    The city of Zurich, Switzerland, is the largest city in the country and the capital of the canton of Zurich. It is located in the north-central region of the country, by Lake Zurich. The history of Zurich goes back to its founding years, when it was first settled by the Romans in 15 BC.

    The People of Zurich, Switzerland

    Almost 400,000 people call Zurich home. A little less than one third of them are not Swiss citizens. They are mostly German and Italian. The population of the city along with its suburban areas amounts up to more than a million residents.

    The official language in the city of Zurich is the Swiss variety of German. Around 9 per cent of the population speak English as their first language. Other languages include Italian, with 7.1 native speakers, French with 4.5, Serbian with 4.1, Spanish with 3.9, Portuguese with 3.1, and Albanian with 2.3 per cent.

    The levels of unemployment in Zurich are relatively low, at around 3 per cent.

    The Weather in Zurich, Switzerland

    Zurich belongs to the oceanic climate zone. It has four distinct seasons, with warm summers, mild springs, cool falls, and cold winters. The city sees around 45 inches of rain throughout the year, generally spread evenly. Rain falls more or less every third day. If you are moving to Zurich from a drier area of the United States, such as the city of Phoenix, getting used to the different weather conditions might take some time.

    Where to Live in Zurich, Switzerland

    Zurich is a large city, and as such, it offers a wide array of very distinct neighborhoods. The city is officially divided into twelve districts, called Stadtkreise, or simply Kreise, numbered 1 to 12. Each Kreis contains several neighborhoods within its borders. The best way of finding the perfect neighborhood for yourself is to visit the city of Zurich at least once before your international relocation. However, if you are unable to do so, we at Sunset Moving have compiled a list of neighborhoods we deemed most livable. These include:

    • Niederdorf. This neighborhood, located in Kreis 1, is a part of the old town. Most of it is comprised of pedestrian areas, which makes it perfect for people who enjoy long walks. It is home to a number of restaurants and bars, which attracts numerous visitors from other neighborhoods. The neighborhood is located on the river bank.
    • Lidenhof. Another Kreis 1 neighborhood, Lidenhof lies on the Limmat River. Given its topography, it offers breathtaking views on the rest of the city. It is home to several bars and restaurants, as well as a financial and business district and shopping areas.
    • Langstrasse. The street whose name translates to “long street” connects Kreis 4 and 5. Notorious for its history as a red light district, this area has been building up a better reputation over the last decade. This is the most multicultural area of the city, with a very vibrant nightlife scene.
    • Zurich West. Located in Kreis 5, this is probably one of the fastest-developing areas of the city. It is a mixture of a business area, residential district, and entertainment center. This is one of the best neighborhoods for recent graduates and young professionals.

    Moving to Zurich, Switzerland

    Are you ready to move to Zurich, Switzerland? If so, it is of crucial importance to make sure you have all the required paperwork. While you can find information about the Swiss immigration policies all around the internet, the only truly reliable source for such facts is the Embassy of Switzerland. For that reason, we at Sunset Moving would like to encourage you to visit the Embassy’s official website.

    Now that the paperwork is over with, there is only one thing left to do – move. Contact Sunset Moving today to get more information about our services, including:

    • Residential and corporate international relocation
    • Ocean freight and air freight shipping services
    • Professional packing and unpacking
    • Various insurance policies
    • International auto transport
    • Moving supplies
    • And many more.

    Our representatives will be more than happy to provide you with answers to all your questions. Don’t hesitate to request a free in-home international moving price estimate.

    Contact Sunset Moving today to schedule your international relocation to Zurich, Switzerland.

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