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International Ocean Freight

International Moving Services

International Ocean Freight

International Moving Services

Ocean Freight for International Relocation With Sunset Moving

Planning to move overseas? Consider shipping your belongings via ocean freight. Sunset Moving is a group of experts on international relocation who will help you plan the ocean freight shipment to the last detail.

Although ocean freight is not as time-efficient as air freight, there are certain advantages to it. Firstly, ocean freight comes at a reasonable and affordable price, and secondly, it is a safe way of transporting your belongings.

Each ocean freight shipment is different. The process and the cost depend on several factors, such as the size and the weight of your belongings, or the transportation method of choice. For more information on ocean freight services you can choose from, contact Sunset Moving.

There are three different methods of shipping belongings via ocean freight:

  1. Lift vans. This option is perfect for smaller amounts of furniture, such as small and medium condos, or studio apartments. Should you opt for this type of service, your belongings will be packed into a wooden case which will protect them from outside influences.
  2. Exclusive containers. Unlike lift vans, these containers are made of steel. They come in different sizes, so as to fit the size of your items perfectly. The smallest containers (20 foot) can hold around three to four rooms of furniture. Exclusive containers protect your belongings more efficiently than lift vans.
  3. Shared containers. If you are apprehensive about placing your belongings into a lift van, but don’t have enough goods to fill your own container, shared containers are the best option. This means that your belongings will be completely safe, but will be placed in a container along with someone else’s items. This option is also more cost-efficient than exclusive containers.

For more details on our ocean freight services, feel free to contact Sunset Moving representatives. Our staff will be happy to provide you with the best international moving rates, as well as any additional information you might need. Contact us today to schedule your ocean freight shipment from one of our many ports along the US shores.


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