10 Things to Know About Moving to Bangkok, Thailand

Posted Moving Abroad / October 14, 2020
Anastasia Hill

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You decided you’re moving internationally to Thailand from the US. Before you pack up your bags and jump on the first flight, there are a few things you need to prepare when moving to Bangkok. Here’s a small guide for expats on what to prepare when relocating abroad.

#1 Apply Early for a Thai Visa

When relocating to Thailand, you want to arrange your visa early, as penalties for overstaying are 500 Baht, which is around $16 per day up to 40 days, after which you risk getting banned from entering the country. If you already have a job locked in, you can procure a three-month Non-B Visa with your employer’s help. There are a few other types of visas you can apply for. You can check the full list and all the necessary documents you need to gather for the application at the country’s Department of Consular Affairs.

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#2 Get Travel Insurance When Moving to Bangkok

Just as with any other international move, when you decide where to expat, it’s best you get travel insurance in your home state before departing. Unfortunately, health and safety standards are not on the same level as in Western countries. Road accidents do occur, most often with motorcycles. For this reason, it’s better you get the insurance and never use it than having to think about it all the time.

#3 The Cost of Living in Bangkok

When compared with New York, the city has a considerably lower cost of living. The average rent for a one-bedroom apartment in the city center costs around $670, which is around 80% cheaper than NY. Basic utilities can cost you about $100, with the internet costing you an additional $21.49. With preschool expenses around $310 on average, the city is especially attractive for young working parents. Overall expenses can go around $1,150 for middle to upper-class expat.

#4 Finding a Job in Bangkok as an Expat

The first thing you need to consider is whether you should find a job before or after the move is completed. Some people find a job while on their tourist visa. However, since working as a tourist is illegal in Thailand, they would need to switch to a working visa. Although the country and its capital are a popular spot for digital nomads, the government doesn’t recognize freelancers as being employed, which means you’ll need to find an employer to get the work permit. You can look for jobs online on websites like Glassdoor and Michael Page. When looking for a job in Bangkok, your best chances are if you got a STEM degree. Having a business or marketing degree also makes it very easy to find a job.

#5 Open a Bank Account and Do Your Taxes

To help manage your finances, it’s essential to open a bank account in Thailand. Generally speaking, taxes here are low. You’ll need 750 Baht ($24) each month for your Social Security. There’s also a 7% VAT. Personal taxes are based on your overall income. Like other countries, you can use tax deductibles.

#6 Best Places to Live in Bangkok for Expats

Finding a new home to live in can be confusing when relocating to this city. With over 50 districts, it’s understandable most expats wonder where to start. Look for locations close to the city’s public transport like BTS Skytrain.

The City Center is the most popular option for younger people. Sathorn and Silom are popular with the business crowd and are known for their nightlife. Bank Kapi and Bang Na are also good districts to check out.

When Living in the City Center You’ll Be in the Vicinity of Great Shopping Streets

If you want to experience all that Bangkok offers, you can stay in the City Centre. Siam Square is the place to be for shoppers and food lovers. Anything you want to buy is most likely available here.

#7 Learn a Few Phrases in Thai

Learning a few basic phrases is always helpful when going to a different country. This way, you won’t feel isolated in a place where people don’t speak your language. Try small talking with the locals for a day or two, and you’ll catch on some Thai in no time. When living in Bangkok, consider enrolling in a Thai Language School.

#8 You Never Had Thai Food Like This

Thailand is known for its delicious cuisine, encompassing all different kinds of flavors. You can divide the country into four regions based on food, with many influences from neighboring countries. Luckily you can experience all of these in Bangkok. You’ll be munching on fried rice and Pad Thai in no time.

#9 Experience the Local Culture

Thai culture expresses deep respect for their elders. They advise younger generations and make important decisions when necessary. More interesting is the fact that they really dislike open rejections, so they will often write to you when you’re doing something wrong. You should avoid any negative discussions about the royal family, or you may face criminal charges.

Overall, Thai people are really accepting of foreigners.

#10 Hire an International Moving Company to Guide You on Your Journey to Thailand

When moving abroad, it’s always a good idea to hire a reputable moving company. An overseas shipping company will provide you with all the necessary services you may need to relocate your home. You can also get a free quote.

Your Oversea Moving to Bangkok Will Be Trouble-Free

When moving overseas, some preparation is necessary. Movers provide you with packing services and use all kinds of packing materials to protect even your most delicate belongings in your home.

Leave Your Car and Your Other Valuables in Capable Hands

You probably wondered what will happen with all your stuff after you move. An international

shipping company can provide the best storage services for your belongings. Furthermore, they also offer overseas vehicle shipping, with plenty of options for your four-wheeler. If you contact a mover, your relocation will be done in no time.

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