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    With years of experience in international moving to Brisbane, Sunset International Shipping is a professional international mover with 5-star reviews on Yelp. Moving to Brisbane can be exhausting without help from an international mover like Sunset International Shipping. A primary concern when international moving to Brisbane is whether or not the personal items of a household will make it to their new destination safe and undamaged.

    As an experienced international mover, Sunset International Shipping provides professional and secure packaging service, along with shipment tracking. Also, Sunset International Shipping guarantees our customers that their belongings will be handled with the utmost care. In addition, we provide customers with the tools they need to monitor their shipments.International moving to Brisbane with an international mover like Sunset International Shipping, customers can also take advantage of monitored and secured storage facilities.

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    International moving to Brisbane is a great chance to explore Australia. The capital of the state of Queensland, and third biggest city in Australia with just over 2 million people, Brisbane is the largest economy between Sydney and Singapore and is classified as a global city.  You might concern about the cost of living before international moving to Brisbane. Like Sydney and Melbourne, Brisbane ranks as one of the world’s most livable cities and in the last two decades has recorded record population growth.

    Brisbane is located on the Moreton Bay & Brisbane River, on a coastal plain east of the Great Dividing Range.  It is quite hilly, with the tallest hill reaching 1,000 feet.  Parts of Brisbane lie within a floodplain that is prone to occasional flood.  The central business district lies in a curve of the Brisbane River and is quite walkable, with central streets named after members of the royal family.  The first television signal ever broadcast in the southern hemisphere was transmitted from the Old Windmill in Wickham Park in 1824.

    Brisbane is a major business hub in Australia, along with Sydney and Melbourne, and features a large and prosperous economy. Brisbane has seen consistent economic growth in recent years, mainly due to a resources boom. Since the late 1990s and early 2000s, the state government has been providing subsidies and initiatives for science and technology industries as part of the Smart State initiative. The port of Brisbane is the third most important port in Australia.

    Like the other major metropolises in Australia, a third of its residents are born overseas. 18% of households speak a language other than English, and the largest minority is Asian Americans. A highly literate city, Brisbane is home to prestigious universities such as the University of Queensland, University of Technology, and Griffith University.

    International moving to Brisbane is also a wonderful opportunity to experience the pop culture in Australia. Brisbane features a thriving music scene, both of the classical and popular variety. The Queensland performing arts center is home to the Queensland Ballet, Opera, Theatre Company, and Symphony Orchestra. The GOMA, Australia’s largest art gallery, is located here in Brisbane, showcasing an extensive Andy Warhol exhibit. Brisbane also hosts the Ekka, an annual agricultural show and carnival, and the much revered Riverfestival – a week-long celebration of the Brisbane River. You will sure to enjoy the pop culture and art there after moving to Brisbane.

    With all there is to see and do, it’s easy to see why someone would choose to move to Brisbane.

    Professional International Moving to Brisbane Company

    Free estimates and guaranteed pricing are two of the most important, but only a few of the many ways that Sunset International Shipping makes booking easy. Often knowing that the company used to move household items is an expert in their field is not enough. Knowing who is in the field making the delivery and moving items is a key factor for customer confidence.

    Our professional international moving to Brisbane experts are trained to work with efficiency and care when handling items. In addition,  our global organization relocation specialists ensure that any obstacles along the way will be handled with skill and grace. Where do you start when trying to move from one point to another? Begin with Sunset International Shipping and let 5-star reviews prove that your frustrations will end.

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