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    Moving locally is easy. Uprooting and replanting your life and belongings to a foreign country is a massive and stressful undertaking. That is, unless you employ the expert moving services of an international moving company with years of experience helping families and businesses take the next step toward what the future holds for them. That’s why we are here!

    As a international moving to China company we cannot prepare a family or individual emotionally for a big move overseas, but we can take care of all the physical details from packing to shipping. We have offices in multiple locations and concurrent positive client reviews, we can guide people moving internationally with help that makes the move secure.

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    The greatest worry associated with moving internationally is being parted with personal possessions and fine items for a time through strange air, ground and sea spaces. Sunset International Shipping provides secure and monitored storage facilities and accurate, up-to-date shipment tracking information. From packing your items to being reunited with them in your new location, the key to a successful and worry-free international move is a company whose skills and influence know no borders.

    Sunset International Shipping is a confident, professional and equipped international moving to China company with the highest ratings in the industry and will always offer free estimates for any international move in the future. Four stars isn’t good enough. Word of mouth isn’t good enough. Don’t take any chances with your possessions when planning a major international relocation. Choose only five-star, reliable and guaranteed moving excellence!

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