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    What to Expect When International Moving to Cyprus

    Sunset International Shipping is an international moving to Cyprus specialist that knows how to help you navigate the details of an overseas move from the US to Cyprus. We are experienced in using only the best air and freight shipping options available to guarantee that your belongings are delivered undamaged and on time. We even provide free moving boxes to save you money and up to one month of free storage to make internationally moving to Cyprus as smooth as possible.

    Sunset International Shipping specializes in international moving to Cyprus. We have years of experience international moving to Cyprus and other destinations. Sunset International Shipping’s goal is to make international moving to Cyprus as easy and stress free as moving to a new city. We provide free, upfront estimate for international moving to Cyprus.

    The Republic of Cyprus is an island off the coast of Italy in the eastern region of the Mediterranean Sea. Cyprus’ economy has improved considerably in the last few years and is poised to stay on a positive track which is why many businesses are considering international moving to Cyrpus. The economy is supported by a variety of industries including various types of trade and tourism. Many tourists travel to Cyprus to explore the nation’s history and ancient ruins. The history of Cyprus dates all the way back to 10,000 BC.

    Cyprus is part of the European Union and therefore the Euro is its official currency. It is important to talk with your relocation specialist about converting your currency to the Euro prior to your move. 77% of the people living in Cyprus are of Greek descent, with the rest tracing their roots to Turkey. This accounts for the two official languages in Cyprus- Greek and Turkish. If you don’t already know Greek or Turkish we suggest learning the basics of one or both before international moving to Cyprus. Speaking in the nation’s native tongue is the best way to become familiar with the land and its people.

    Before internationally moving to Cyprus it is a good idea to contact your Cypriot Consulate to determine which type of visa will be required. Since it can take a lot of time to go through the visa application process we recommend looking into the matter early on in your international moving to Cyprus plans.

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