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    What to Expect When International Moving to Greece

    The history of Greece goes back thousands of years, to the founding of Western Civilization as we know it. When international moving to Greece, one will find a culture rich in food, heritage, history, language, traditions, and entertainment. Today’s Greece is much different from that of two thousand years ago, but the liveliness and energy of the city as a cultural center still exists. If you have recently decided to move to Greece, let Sunset International Shipping take care of the entire international moving to Greece process, from door-to-door. We specialize in international moving to Greece.

    Greece is located in the Mediterranean sea, and consists of a peninsula and many smaller islands. Most of Greece is mountains, about 80%, with the highest being Mt. Olympus at 10,000ft above sea level. In addition to the Mediterranean Sea, Greece is bordered by the Aegean Sea and the Ionian Sea. Many important events have occurred here throughout the ages, including the first Olympic Games and the founding of modern democracy.

    Greece’s economy took a big hit with the recent economic crisis and has struggled to return to its former glory. There is hope, however, and tourists continue to flood in every year, most notably to its capital, Athens. Athens is now one of the most visited cities in the world. Greek is the official language of Greece, though English is widely spoken. Sunset International Shipping recommends learning Greek in order to maximize your experience in Greece.

    There are many places to explore in Greece during your free time, from natural wonders to man-made historic landmarks like the Parthenon in Athens. When traveling around, you will be needing some Euros for currency. Your dollars can easily be converted to the Euro. Contact Sunset International Shipping for help when comes to currency exchanges and other needs when it comes to international moving to Greece.

    Anyone international moving to Greece will need a visa, especially if they will be working. Contact your local Greek Consulate to find out everything you will need to know about obtaining a visa. Sunset International Shipping can put you in touch with a consulate and advise you on any other international moving to Greece related inquiries you might have as well.

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