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    International Relocation to Israel with Sunset Moving

    Have you always dreamt about living on the other side of the world? If so, Sunset Moving is here to make that dream come true. If you are still unsure about where exactly to relocate to, we would like to make a suggestion – Israel. No, it might not be an island paradise, or a tropical rainforest, but this hidden gem has so much to offer to its immigrants. For this reason, we at Sunset Moving have put together some information that might convince you that Israel is the perfect place for you.

    The Climate

    While the territory of Israel isn’t large, its climate varies greatly. For example, coastal areas, such as Tel Aviv and Haifa, are home to the typical Mediterranean climate. They experience cool, humid winters, and long, hot summers. On the other hand, Beersheba and the Northern Negev experience a semi-arid climate with very hot summers, cool winters, and not as much rain. Arava and the Southern Negev belong to the desert climate zone, with hot and dry weather during the summer, and mild winters with very little precipitation. As opposed to this, the weather in the mountains can be quite cold, with strong winds and even snow.

    Places to Live in Israel

    Israel might not be huge, but it offers an abundance of livable areas nevertheless. While finding the perfect place depends greatly on one’s own preferences and tastes, we at Sunset Moving have endeavored to create a list of some of the best cities in Israel:

    • Tel Aviv. The city of Tel Aviv is the economic and technological center of Israel. It is not exactly the cheapest city in the country, but it offers great quality of life. It is walkable and its air is clean, which makes it perfect for outdoor people. It also has numerous employment opportunities and low crime rates.
    • Haifa. Another city on the expensive side, Haifa has numerous entertainment opportunities and is relatively safe. The weather here is great and the city is more or less walkable. The overall quality of life is good.
    • Beersheba. Only a little more affordable than the previous two, Beersheba is another city perfect for lovers of the outdoor lifestyle. It has great weather, clean air, and a lot of walkable areas. It is relatively safe and peaceful.
    • Jerusalem. The wholly city of Israel offers good quality of life and an abundance of places of interest. It is completely walkable and boasts pleasant weather. Just like the previous cities, it is not exactly cheap, but in the case of Israel, you know exactly where your money is going.

    While reading about the cities goes a long way, it can in no way substitute for actually visiting those places and getting to know them. That is why we at Sunset Moving would like to encourage you to travel to Israel at least once before moving.

    People of Israel

    Israel is home to more than 8 million people. A vast majority of them, around 75 per cent, are Jews, while Arabs comprise about 20 per cent of the population. Other religions and people of no religious affiliation make up for around 5 per cent.

    Two languages have the official status in Israel – Hebrew and Arabic. However, since this has traditionally been an immigrant country, many other languages can be heard in the streets as well. Some of them are English, French, Russian, and Amharic.

    Moving to Israel

    If you are serious about your relocation to the State of Israel, it is important to gather all the information about the visa and residential requirements. In general, all people of Jewish religious affiliation have the right to request an immigration visa, regardless of their nationality. In order to learn more about the requirements and the process of obtaining a residence permit in Israel, we suggest contacting the embassy of Israel in Washington D.C.

    Once the paperwork is over with, it is time to start packing. The best way to ensure that your international relocation runs smoothly is to hire a reliable international moving company. Sunset Moving is a team of professional movers who have vast experience in moving to Israel. This makes us the best choice for your moving helpers. Do not hesitate to contact our representatives to get more information about our services, including:

    • ocean freight and air freight shipping,
    • international auto transport services,
    • free storage units,
    • moving supplies,
    • professional packing,
    • and many more.

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