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    International Relocation to Jordan with Sunset Moving

    Are you eager to move to another country? Have you always dreamt about living in a place where desert and water meet? If so, the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan just might be the perfect place for you. If you are ready to embark on this adventure, let Sunset Moving lead the way. We are a team of experienced professional movers, which makes us the best choice for your international relocation. Read on to find out more about Jordan and how to move there.

    The Climate

    Although the country belongs to the Mediterranean climate zone, the climate in Jordan is quite varied. Its main characteristic are the two distinct seasons – the rainy season that lasts from November to April, and the dry season during the rest of the year. Some parts of the country receive as little as 4.7 inches of rain a year, while other parts see more than 20 inches of rain. Depending on where exactly in Jordan you are moving to, the weather might take some getting used to.

    Where to Live In Jordan

    Jordan lies on an area of about 34,000 square miles. While that might seem small when compared to the United States, Jordan has a variety of livable places to offer to its immigrants.

    The first place that comes to mind when thinking about Jordan is, naturally, its capital city – Amman. Probably the most outstanding features of Amman are the affordable cost of living and its friendliness to foreigners. Most people in Amman speak English at least to some extent. However, it is important to note that the whole country of Jordan is quite conservative, which does not exclude its capital. This means that it is not very gay friendly, or even female friendly. However, the overall quality of life is high and the city offers numerous employment opportunities.

    Another great location to live in Jordan is the city of Aqaba. It is the only coastal city in Jordan, and therefore of crucial importance of their maritime trade. This means that the city has vast employment opportunities, as its economy is booming. It also attracts a decent number of tourists each year, which means that there is always something to do here. It also means that the city might be a little more liberal as compared to the rest of the country. We still wouldn’t recommend waving a rainbow flag here, though. The city is also home to several universities, namely the University of Jordan Aqaba Branch, the Aqaba University of Technology, and the Aqaba University College – Al-Balqa Applied University.

    There are numerous other places to live in Jordan. We at Sunset Moving would like to encourage you to travel to Jordan at least once before your relocation and make an effort to find the perfect place for yourself.

    People of Jordan

    The Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan is home to almost 10 million people. Most of the residents are Arabs, around 98 per cent of them. The other 2 per cent is comprised of Circassians, Chechens, and Armenians. Around 5 per cent of the population lead a nomadic lifestyle.

    The dominant religion is Sunni Islam, practiced by about 92 per cent of Jordanians. Other religions include Shiites, Ahmadi Muslims, as well as some of the oldest Christian communities on the planet.

    The official language of Jordan is Modern Standard Arabic. While all Jordanians know it, they usually speak Jordanian Arabic as well, a non-standard variety. English is widely spoken by a large number of residents. While it is not an official language, almost all university-level classes are held in English.

    Moving To Jordan

    Before packing your bags and moving out of the country, it is important to get enough information about the paperwork required in order to obtain a residence permit in Jordan. United States citizens are required to apply for a visa upon arrival to Jordan. This will, however, only allow you to stay in the country for one month. If you are planning to relocate here, you should apply for a one-year residence permit. This permit is issued by the Ministry of Interior. In order to get more information about the process of applying and the requirements for a residential permit, we recommend contacting the Embassy of Jordan in Washington D.C.

    Once the paperwork is over with, it is time for you to move! Finding a reliable international moving company is of crucial importance for a successful relocation to another country. If you choose to hire Sunset Moving as you moving helpers, we will do our best to design the perfect moving plan that fits your budget, deadlines, and any other limitations. We offer a wide array of services, including:

    • International shipping – we ship all kinds of items, such as furniture, musical instruments, computers, or artwork, through ocean freight or air freight services;
    • International car shipping – we can provide you with auto transport services for all kinds of cars, from motorbikes to SUVs;
    • Free storage units – should the need arise, we will provide you with thirty days of free storage units for your belongings;
    • Professional packing – including dismantling, packing, unpacking, reassembling, and debris removal;
    • Insurance – we offer multiple insurance policies designed to fit your needs and requirements perfectly;
    • Moving supplies – such as moving boxes, duct tape, bubble wrap, etc.
    • And many more.

    To find out more about our services, don’t hesitate to contact Sunset Moving. Our representatives will be more than happy to provide you with additional information, as well as the best international moving price estimates for your relocation to Jordan.


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