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Moving to Lisbon, Portugal

From Cleveland, Ohio, with Sunset International Shipping

Moving to Lisbon, Portugal

From Cleveland, Ohio, with Sunset International Shipping

Moving from Cleveland, Ohio to Lisbon, Portugal with Sunset International ShippingMoving from Cleveland, Ohio to Lisbon, Portugal with Sunset International Shipping

Moving from Cleveland city in the state of Ohio to an entirely different country? We are here to help you. You can never be prepared enough, so we are here to guide you through the entire moving process. We will help you and support you all the way using our full-service package for the international moving.

Our services in the Sunset International Shipping company cover both residential and commercial moving and shipment. Our fantastic crew can even pack your things for you with the most reliable care, keeping in mind that everything is well-secured so as to prevent any damage of your precious packages. Become one of many satisfied clients that we have cooperated with and you will realize we were telling the truth. We can transport your belongings both using sea transportation or air transportation, and that depends only on your choice and the planned budget.

If you are having any doubts or questions about the international moving, make sure to give us a call, or you can come see us in person. Our representative will be at your service for any concern, and they can also provide you with the free moving estimates. In case you need to ship your car or to use storage services, we can also help you with that. Contact us, let us know about your preferences and relax while we are doing our job for you.

About Lisbon

This incredible capital is one of the most beautiful cities in Europe. It is the largest city in Portugal, and it is a member of European Union. It lies on the western Iberian Peninsula, Atlantic Ocean and the River Tagus. Lisbon is one of the oldest cities in the world and it dates back to the time of Julius Caesar, predating other ancient European capitals such as Rome and Paris. Lisbon’s economy is prosperous and this region is the wealthiest region in Portugal. It is well above the European Union’s GDP per capita average, and this economy is mostly based on tertiary sector. Lisbon has one of the greatest airports, Humberto Delgado Airport, located within the city limits.

Weather in Lisbon

This capital has a Mediterranean climate which means that it has mild, rainy winters and warm to hot summers. The average day time temperature is 21.5 °C (70.7 °F) the night time temperature is and 13.5 °C (56.3 °F). This means you can enjoy all types of outdoor activities in modern venues and parks or you can enjoy walking down ancient streets and admiring its significant and mesmerizing architecture.

Culture and education in Lisbon

Among numerous amazing buildings, Lisbon has many schools and kindergartens, both private and public. As for the higher education, there are some very respectable institutions such as University of Lisbon, New University of Lisbon, ISCTE – Lisbon University Institute which provide degrees in all academic disciplines.

Other architectural landmarks are buildings built in Romanesque, Gothic, Baroque and Modern style which are truly awe inspiring. You will never run out of ideas about what can you visit next. We recommend the Belém Tower, the National Museum of Ancient Art, Lisbon’s Opera House and the Eduardo VII Park.

The symbol of Lisbon is the raven, and one interesting fact is that for a long time there was a cult for ravens in the city with large cage with ravens in the São Jorge Castle. However, today they gradually disappeared and cannot often be seen. People in Lisbon love music, dancing and they love football. Everybody enjoys watching and playing football, and there are more than 200 registered football clubs there. Transportation in Lisbon is well developed, and the old tram system is one of the tourist attractions there – many tourists want to experience the ride. Lisbon also has one of the largest aquariums in Europe which has around 16 000 animals and 450 species. How amazing is that? Make sure visit all of the sights!

Visit Baixa, which represents main shopping district or walk over the longest bridge in Europe, Vasco da Gama Bridge over the Tagus River, which is 17, 2 km i.e. 10.7 miles long or choose to dine in some of the finest restaurants in Portugal. Whatever you choose, you will most definitely enjoy it.