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Moving to London, the UK

From Austin, Texas, with Sunset International Shipping

Moving to London, the UK

From Austin, Texas, with Sunset International Shipping

Moving from Austin, Texas to London, the UK with Sunset MovingMoving from Austin, Texas to London, the UK with Sunset Moving

Have you dreamt of leaving the United States and moving to London? That is a big decision which will change your life, but you are excited to continue your life in one of the European greatest cities. Have you thought about hiring a professional international moving company to help you with this tiring and time-consuming relocation process?

Sunset Moving has been in the moving industry for quite a while, and we have performed so many international moves. Our moving crew will help you with the packing, and you shouldn’t be worried because all of your electronics, lamps, pictures, furniture and other items, which will be packed properly into boxes. You will also get advice from our experts on managing your moving budget, obtaining moving supplies and choosing the right transportation service, whether it is air or ocean freight. Usually, the latter is more affordable because it takes more time to deliver your things and large shipments are the ones that go by sea, whereas the more urgent ones are transported by air. Furthermore, our friendly representatives will give you a flat price for your international move, and there are no hidden costs so that you can plan your budget accordingly and have one less thing to worry about during your relocation. You can track your shipment if you would like to find out your shipment’s current status. For as long as we have been in the moving business, the goal of Sunset Moving has been a happy client, and that is why we offer competitive prices. You can contact us anytime you like, and we will give you free surveys by phone, in person or via video chat, and you will immediately find out what you can afford. If you have any questions, feel free to ask because we are here to serve you.

About London, UK

London is definitely one of the most beautiful cities in Europe, and it is located on the River Thames. It is a city with great history, founded by the Romans and now it is a leading global city in the arts, commerce, education, healthcare, research, and development, etc. In 2012, London hosted Summer Olympic Games for the third time in the city history. The population of the city is almost 9,000,000 and London is famous for its diverse range of people and cultures with more than 300 languages spoken in the region. Some of the world’s famous monuments and buildings are located in London, and you may be familiar with the Tower of London, Westminster Abbey, London Eye, Buckingham Palace or Tower Bridge.

Climate in London, UK

London has a temperate oceanic climate and probably the first association you have about it is rain, but actually, London receives less precipitation in a year than Rome, Bordeaux, New York or Sydney. You can expect mild summers and average July high in London is 24˚C. Winters are usually cool, damp and cloudy with little variations in temperature. Snow is occasional and more common in outer London, whereas spring and autumn are mixed seasons and they can be enjoyable.

Culture in London, UK

You should be worried about being bored in London because it is a great center of culture. It is one of the largest fashion capitals in the world, whereas various neighborhoods are famous for different things. For example, Piccadilly Circus is known for its giant electronic advertisements. The literary centers of London have been hilly Hampstead and Bloomsbury. Furthermore, London is a home to many museums galleries and other institutions which are major tourist attractions. For instance, the National Gallery, which was established in 1824 houses the British national collection of Western paintings. Of course, music is a notable part of London’s culture, and bands such as The Rolling Stones and The Beatles (as well as many others) influenced music in America.

All we want you to do is make the first step and call Sunset Moving. We will show you how simple your international relocation can be!