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    The largest city in Spain, third largest in the EU, and the capital of Spain, Madrid is an important political, cultural, and economic center. Classified as a global city, it is the headquarters of the World Tourism Organization, the Organization of Ibero-American States, and the Public Interest Oversight Board. Madrid supports a modern infrastructure that preserves the look and feel of its historic neighborhoods and streets that include Cibeles Palace and Fountain – a monument and symbol of the city, the Royal Palace of Madrid, Royal Theatre, Buen Retiro Park, National Library, Golden Triangle of Art, Prado Museum, Reina Sofia Museum, and the Thyssen-Bornemisza Museum.

    The climate of Madrid is classified as Mediterranean with cool to cold winters, mainly due to its higher altitude. Snowfall is sporadic during the winter, as temperatures routinely drop below freezing in the winter. Rain is uncommon with less than 18 inches falling per year, mostly in the fall and spring.

    Madrid is a major center for international business and commerce, and is one of Europe’s largest financial centers. In the past two decades, Madrid has seen enormous growth in its service sector, particularly those geared towards companies. It remains the 23rd richest city in the world, 3rd richest in Europe, and its economic output in 2005 was $202 billion USD. With its stable GDP, good exchange rate, strong bond market, and high standard of living, it ranks among Europe’s most prominent cities and has 98% of New York’s purchasing power.

    Madrid’s population has seen gradual increase since the mid 16th century until the 1970s, where population began to decrease due to the growth of the suburbs, rising cost of living downtown, and general slowdown of the European economy. The population would recover in the late 1990s and grow by nearly 250,000 residents between 2001-2005, due to a much improved economy and immigrant boom.

    Madrid is a 21st century city with its roots going back hundreds of years.

    Sunset International Shipping can help with international moving to Madrid. We offer air freight and ocean freight for international moving to Madrid. We can also provide door-to-door international moving to Madrid services. Call Sunset International Shipping today and ask for more information.

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