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    International Relocation to Malta with Sunset Moving

    Have you always dreamed of living on a Mediterranean island, surrounded by beautiful nature, historical sights, and lively people? If so, we at Sunset Moving are here to make that dream come true – congratulations, you are moving to Malta! If you are serious about your international relocation, it is important to be well-informed about the country you are about to start calling home. For this reason, we at Sunset Moving have decided to put together some useful facts about Malta.

    The Climate of Malta

    The Republic of Malta has been named the country with the best climate in the world. It is home to Mediterranean climate. It experiences very mild and pleasant winters and warm to hot summers. Most of the rainfall occurs in fall and winter. The average annual daily temperature revolves around 73 degrees. The average temperature of the sea is around 68 degrees. Even in February, when water temperatures drop to 60 degrees, swimming is still an option. With such amazing weather, it is no wonder you wish to move to Malta.

    Places to Live in Malta

    Malta might be a very small island country, but it still offers a wide variety of residential options to its immigrants. The overall quality of life in Malta is quite high, so choosing the right place for yourself won’t be that hard. Nevertheless, we at Sunset Moving have compiled a list of the most livable residential areas in Malta:

    • Sliema. This town is located in the northeast part of Malta. The costs of living here are affordable, the overall safety is good, and the town is walkable. It also offers a number of great entertainment opportunities, and the quality of air is high. There seems to be no drawback to this place.
    • Hal Lija. This charming village is perfect for those who prefer more rural areas. It is very walkable with a number of historical sights and places of interest. Living here is even more affordable than living in Sliema.
    • Valletta. This is Malta’s capital city. Despite that, it is a relatively quiet and peaceful place. However, the city itself doesn’t offer too many entertainment opportunities. Costs of living are very low compared to those in the United States.

    The People of Malta

    Malta is home to less than half a million people. However, given that it is a small island country, population density is quite high. The majority of the island population are native Maltese people. Minority nations include Britons, Italians, Germans, and Libyans. The constitutional language of Malta is Maltese. Along with it, English is an official language as well. The state religion, as well as the most predominant one, is Roman Catholicism. The Maltese are quite conservative in their religious beliefs. Other religions practiced in Malta are Protestant, Greek Catholic, Russian Orthodox, and Jewish. In addition, there is one Muslim mosque in the country.

    Moving to Malta

    The process of international relocation is a complicated one. In order to simplify it, the best course of action would be to divide it into two major parts. The first part consists of gathering information about the visa system, requirements for residential permits, and taking care of other paperwork. Keep in mind, if you are expanding or moving a business to Malta, the required paperwork might be more abundant. Malta offers two type of residencies, out of which US residents qualify for the ordinary residence.

    The second part of the process is the actual relocation. With Sunset Moving, you won’t have to worry about this. All you have to do is give us a call and our professional movers will do the job for you. If you choose to hire Sunset Moving as your moving helpers, you will be able to choose among our numerous services, including:

    • Professional packing services, including dismantling, packing, unpacking, reassembling, and debris removal;
    • Free storage units for thirty days, with controlled climate conditions;
    • Residential moving services to Malta, through air freight or ocean freight shipping;
    • Corporate moving services to Malta, including office relocation and moving of your employees;
    • International car shipping to Malta;
    • Providing moving supplies, including duct table, bubble wrap, moving boxes, etc.
    • And many more.

    In order to learn more about the services we offer, do not hesitate to contact us. Sunset Moving representatives will be more than happy to provide you with the most affordable international relocation prices, as well as international auto transport quotes. Contact Sunset Moving today to schedule your international relocation to Malta.

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