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    What to Expect When Moving to Scotland

    Moving to Scotland? We are an international moving company to Scotland that specializes in helping you make a smooth transition to your new home. Sunset International Shipping offers expert door to door service from Los Angeles, San Francisco, San Diego, San Jose, Orange County, California and the whole United States to Scotland. We know overseas moving can be overwhelming, so we offer free boxes and a free month of storage to help make your transition as easy as possible.

    If you are moving to Scotland, you might be wondering what you should prepare before you go. Scotland is located in the northern part of Great Britain. The country is made of 790 islands, 130 of which are inhabited. The capital of Scotland is Edinburgh. Thousands of visitors are attracted to the city by its world-famous theater festivals, and this beautiful country itself draws a great deal of tourists every year.

    You may be relieved to know that the official language in Scotland is English, however some residents there still speak Scottish Gaelic as their first language. Before moving to Scotland, you might also want to make sure what currency is used there. The currency in Scotland is the Sterling Pound (GBP), and it’s best to discuss the best way to exchange your currency with a specialist before you move there. Another important thing you should keep in mind before moving to Scotland is whether or not you must apply for a visa. There are many different visa types available. Make sure to contact your local British Consulate to learn more about different visa types in advance. Applying for a visa may take up to a few months. Remember to leave yourself ample time to apply for your visa before moving to Scotland!

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