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    Moving from Houston, US to Stockholm, Sweden with Sunset Moving

    Are you thinking about moving from Houston? Europe seems more attractive to you with each passing day, and you would love to move to Stockholm, Sweden and continue your life in this peaceful, yet active city. Sweden is far away, and you will need to find a way to get there, plus you need to bring all of your household possessions with you as well as your vehicle. That doesn’t seem like an easy task, and you will need to find a reliable international moving company.

    Have you heard of Sunset Moving? We have been in the international moving industry for 15 years, and we know a lot about how to perform international relocations and overseas shipments. When it comes to the transportation services, we offer air freight, ocean freight shipment, and door-to-door shipping. You can contact us whenever you like, and one of our experts will answer all of your questions and explain the differences between these services. Also, if you need to ship your car to Sweden, you shouldn’t worry because Sunset Moving will take care of everything. Regardless of the type, size weight or price of your vehicle, we can do it. Just like it is the case with your household belongings, you can also opt for either ocean or air freight. We will not leave you stranded because we are going to help you with all of the required document preparation and customs regulations concerning international car shipping. You will not be left alone during the entire international relocation process, which we try to simplify as much as possible. Among other services, Sunset Moving offers:

    • Tracking Shipment Service – You can check the status of your ongoing shipment any time during the night and day for free.
    • Moving Supplies – Sunset Moving is responsible for bringing boxes, moving pads, tape and the other necessities for the shipment.
    • Storage Space – Usually, when you are moving overseas, you will need to store your possessions because not everything runs smoothly. Sunset Moving offers 30 days of free storage space!

    Contact us now, and you can request a free survey which can be done by phone, in person or via video chat. Also, our polite staff will provide you with a flat price, with no hidden costs, which will allow you to plan your relocation accordingly, without nasty surprises lurking behind the corner.

    About Stockholm, Sweden

    Stockholm is the most populous city of the entire Scandinavia and the capital of Sweden with about 1.5 million residents in the urban area. Even though this area has been settled since the Stone Age, the city of Stockholm was established in 1252 by the man named Birger Jarl. Stockholm is the economic center of Sweden as it accounts for more than 33% of the country’s GDP. Some of the best universities in Europe are located in this city, and many people around the world come to study at the Stockholm School of Economics, Karolinska Institute and Royal Institute of Technology. The city has a metro which opened in 1950, and it is known for its station decorations. Stockholm is the seat of the Swedish government and most of its agencies.

    Weather in Stockholm, Sweden

    Since you are moving from Houston, a city in which summers are hot and the winters cool and short, we thought it would be wise to talk about climate and weather in Stockholm. The city has a humid continental climate, and due to its geographic location, daylight varies widely from more than 18 hours in the summer to only six hours in late December and early January. Compared to the other locations with the same latitude, Stockholm has a mild weather. During the summer, average daytime temperatures are between 20 and 25˚C. Winters are cold and cloudy with the common rainfall and snowfall. The average winter temperatures range from -3 to -1˚C but occasionally the temperature can drop below -30˚C. You can check the Stockholm’s weather here.

    We know that you will love it in Stockholm, as its standard of living is extremely high. To make the first step, contact Sunset Moving today, and we will start working on your international relocation immediately!

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