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    International Relocation to the United Arab Emirates with Sunset Moving

    Are you thinking about moving to another country? Are the United Arab Emirates the country of your choice? If so, let Sunset Moving lead you through the process of your relocation. We are a group of experienced professional movers with only one goal in mind – to provide you with a stress-free, enjoyable relocation experience.

    If you are serious about moving to UAE, it is important to get to know the country before you start packing your moving boxes. For that reason, we at Sunset Moving have compiled a quick guide to your international relocation to the United Arab Emirates.

    The Climate

    UAE belong to the subtropical-arid climate zone. The country experiences very hot summers and warm winters. Average temperatures during the hottest months revolve around 113 degrees in the coastal plains. However, in the mountains, the temperatures are much more pleasant. On average, less than 5 inches of rain falls in the coastal region throughout the year. On the other hand, some mountainous areas see as much as 14 inches of rain. The first snow ever recorded in UAE was in 2004 – a phenomenon that has repeated only once afterwards.

    Places to Live

    The country of UAE is relatively large, and it offers a vast number of residential areas. Although finding the perfect place depends heavily on one’s own preferences and tastes, we at Sunset Moving have decided to put together a list of some of the most livable cities of the United Arab Emirates:

    • Dubai. The largest city of the United Arab Emirates has so much to offer. It is bursting with life and you are unlikely to ever get bored. Given its size, the air quality in the city is good. It has vast areas for walking and is one of the safest places in the country. However, costs of living aren’t exactly low.
    • Sharjah. While this city is on the expensive side and doesn’t offer great entertainment opportunities, it has pretty much everything else. It is safe, peaceful, and clean. The weather is pleasant, and the overall quality of life is good.
    • Abu Dhabi. The capital of UAE is probably one of the best-known exotic destinations in the world. This, of course, means, that it is in no way cheap, but it has so much to offer nevertheless. It is great for lovers of outdoor lifestyle, it has vast employment opportunities, and the overall quality of life is quite high.

    The People

    The residents of UAE are quite diverse, especially given the fact that this is a predominantly Muslim country. Almost 10 million people call this country home. Around 19 per cent of residents are Emirati, almost one quarter were other Arabs and Iranians, a half of the population were South Asians, while some 9 per cent were other nationalities.

    Islam is the official and most commonly practiced religion of the country. Almost 80 per cent of residents identify as Muslims. Other religions include Christianity, Hinduism, Buddhism, and other. It is important to know that residents of UAE are quite conservative in their beliefs and that religions other than Islam are given limited presence in the media.

    The official language of the nation is Arabic, with the Gulf dialect being the most prominent one. However, English is the primary lingua franca, so communicating with the locals shouldn’t pose a problem.

    Moving to the United Arab Emirates

    The process of moving to another country is a complicated one. The best way to simplify it is to look at it as being comprised of two parts.

    The first part of the international moving process has to do with paperwork. It is important to gather facts about the immigration policies of the countries you are moving to. While these this information can be found all over internet, the only truly reliable source is the embassy of the country you are relocating to. In order to learn more about the immigration laws of the United Arab Emirates, visit the official website of their embassy in Washington D.C..

    The second part of the international moving process is the actual relocation. In order to avoid any possible problems, delays, or stress, we suggest hiring a reliable international moving company to help you. Sunset Moving is a team of professional movers with extensive experience in both residential and corporate relocation to the United Arab Emirates. Don’t hesitate to contact us for more information regarding our services, such as:

    • International residential relocation
    • International corporate relocation
    • International auto shipping services
    • Storage units
    • Professional packing services
    • Moving supplies
    • And much more.

    Contact Sunset Moving representatives today to request the best international moving rates and schedule your relocation to the United Arab Emirates. We are looking forward to hearing from you.

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