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    What to Expect When International Moving to Wales

    Wales, which is a part of the United Kingdom, shares a border with England and is surrounded by the Atlantic Ocean and Irish Sea. Although Wales is under the UK parliament and government, Wales formed a small, limited government to enable it to self-govern its country with the National Assembly for Wales. Much of Wales’ terrain is mountainous or coastal. Several natural resources are mined in Wales—coal, lead, copper, gold and silver—and mining greatly supports Wales’ economy.

    If you’re moving to Wales, you’ll be pleased to learn that unemployment rates are moderate. Healthcare is provided through NHS (National Healthcare Services) Wales. The currency used is the Pound Sterling, like the rest of the UK. The country has two official languages—Welsh and English—but English is the language most widely spoken, which may come as a relief to you if you’re moving to Wales and English is your first language! We strongly suggests that prior to moving to Wales, you contact your local Welsh Consulate to determine what type of visa you will need to apply for prior to moving overseas.

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