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The state of Hawaii holds six of the most beautiful islands in the world– Kauai, Oahu, Molokai, Lanai, Maui and Hawaii (The Big Island). Every single one of these places offers views, clear water beaches and plenty of outdoor activities.  Even though paradise on Earth may be expensive, there are still plenty of affordable places in this state.

Oahu - Cheapest places in Hawaii

Kaunakakai, Molokai

If you wish to experience the real Hawaiian lifestyle then Molokai is the perfect place for you because it is filled a couple of facilities and job opportunities. The island has some of the best beaches Hawaii has to offer.

Hana, Maui

This part of Maui has only a few residents and the area has some of the most rainfall than the other islands, but there are a bunch of tropical gardens and extremely unique black and red sand beaches that you haven’t seen anywhere else on earth.

Pahala, the Big Island

This amazing area lies between the Kau Forest Reserve and Hawaii Volcanoes National Park. For anyone that is on the lookout to live in a more peaceful and rural setting, Pahala is perfect for them.

Kahuku, Oahu

This area offers a lot of opportunities for its newcomers. For those planning on enduring in performing arts, there are performing schools located here and really great athletic programs in the high school.

Kapaa, Kauaii

Kapaa may have really bad traffic being the largest city on Kauai, but there are so many great traits to this town. Kapaa has some really scenic beaches and there are plenty of shopping and restaurant options in its area.

Waianae, Oahu

To get your groceries, a really quick drive away is Kapolei. This area has plenty of beautiful homes and beaches that will leave you breath taken.

Lihue, Kauai

Being Kauai’s capital, there are plenty of shopping centers here and a huge ship harbor as well as an airport that most of the people of the island use to get around every corner of the state.

Laie, Oahu

This beautiful town has a Christian community that is called The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. The town holds the Laie Hawaii Temple that is the 5th oldest currently operating Mormon temple in the world. Here you can find the Polynesian Cultural Center that holds the largest living museum in all of Hawaii and brings in plenty of visitors every year.

Kurtistown, the Big Island

Here there are plenty of grocery stores where you can get some amenities. The best parts to Kurtistown is the tropical vibes you get from the beautiful surroundings, but know that there is a lot of rainfall here.

Waimea, Kauai

Near this town you can find the Waimea Canyon and the Kokee State Park that makes this an ideal spot for explorers. The town holds two supermarkets, and plenty of shops and businesses.

In conclusion, to find a perfect cheap location in Hawaii all you really have to do is do some extra research. Soon enough, you will find your perfect home in paradise.

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