Moving with Kids Abroad – Best Tips and Tricks

Posted Moving Abroad / March 30, 2018
Eva Johnson

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If you’ve ever moved to another country before, you know how unpredictable the relocation process can become and how messy the house can get. Throw some kids into the mix, and you have created a state of constant chaos and anarchy. That is – if you haven’t checked out our tips for moving with kids abroad yet.

If you are afraid of losing control of things one by one around the relocation date, then all you need to do now is absorb the advice on dealing with children, your home and the movers during this sensitive period in life.

Plan the Move Months, Not Weeks, Ahead

Tips alone are not enough if you don’t have a solid plan. No matter how many pieces of advice we list here, relocation strategy needs to be in place and everyone, even the little ones, need to be aware of it. If there is still more time to go before you start packing, you have no reason to panic.

One of the best ways to stay on top of your relocation as a family is to adhere to a moving checklist. This is where all your responsibilities and everyone’s tasks need to be clearly marked with dates and the person responsible. And if you are executing the entire move on your own, without the help of international movers and their packing services, there needs to be a schedule that tells you when is the time to do what. This trick will not only help you manage tasks, but it will give everyone in the house a sense of upcoming change, which is psychologically beneficial and highly motivating. These little tasks that you give your children will make them feel like they are contributing to something important, and therefore they will be less likely to misbehave. Employ some packing tips for moving overseas, and you’re all set.

If you’re planning an international relocation or looking for the easiest way to move abroad, it would be a good idea to also incorporate the required documents and calls you have to make into this calendar, so that no issues arise during the actual transition. Keep everything in there, from emergency movers contacts to your relatives abroad and the numbers you need to call to arrange for all the documents you need when relocating internationally.

Advice on How to Prepare Kids of Any Age For Relocation

The most important thing you can do now, regardless of your children’s age, is to make sure that this relocation is not a sudden, unexpected change for them. No matter how young they are, you need to start preparing them months in advance that a change is coming. Here’s how you should approach this issue.

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A Quick Guide On How to Talk to Your Kids About the Move

No matter how mature you think they may be, change in their living conditions and the familiar environment is a very serious one, and shouldn’t be brushed aside. If you don’t want them to misbehave or become withdrawn as a result of the change, talk to them as if they are adults. Don’t threaten them with this change, but use more of a positive vocabulary to get them excited about the move to another country. If they happen to have any questions, which most children often do, be sure to answer them truthfully and attentively. Younger teens can be especially sensitive about a change this big, and their world might seem like it’s crumbling. Be sure to be sympathetic to their concerns and give them some time to get used to the idea of relocating overseas.

Pack And Bond Before the Big Day

As we said, relocation will enlist various tasks on all of the family members, which is why this opportunity would be great for bonding with your children. Not only will the things get done, but your relationship will get stronger and the anxiety about the upcoming change will likely fade away. A key factor when it comes to relocation with your family is that you make sure the young ones feel involved. This very much concerns them too, and without their help and say in it, problems can arise.

Ask for their help in dismantling shelves, recruit them to pick up after the relocation crew, or ask your little ones to sort their toys for packing. You can even make a small competition in the family and in teams of two vs. two see who manages to wrap and pack more items from the living room. Once you’ve created a healthy atmosphere, the tasks that were weighing on everyone’s mind will become a fun family activity. You may even be a little sad when the big day comes.

Other Moving-Related Tips

After the packing competition is done, it’s time to say goodbye to your old home. This might come hard to you, but to most little people, it’s important that they say goodbye. As much as you want them to think about the new house, new friends and the new school, they will have a harder time adjusting to all of that, if they haven’t severed ties with the old. You can throw a little going away party for their pals, take them on a bike ride in the neighborhood and say goodbye to your old home and the yard they loved. You can even suggest that they take a tiny piece of their old home with them, something small that they can keep in their new room as a reminder.

Avoid This Common Mistake Parents Make When Moving With Kids

There are plenty of mistakes that we could list, but for now, try not to get overwhelmed with your children during the move. The stressful period might make you snappy, but it won’t do anyone any good if they saw you anxious or upset. Take a break once in a while to go to get a bite or take a walk with them, and don’t despair.

There are solutions to every problem, and if you realize that you can’t cope with the relocation, there are people who can. Call professional movers and arrange for international moving services. This won’t be their first rodeo, and they will find a way to deal with things the way you left them. Remember to look forward to the new life with your loved ones in the home that awaits you, and keep a positive outlook.

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