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The first step of every relocation should be organization and planning. And what better way of organizing your move than creating a simple checklist you can go through as you pack.


When it comes to moving, like almost all people who find themselves in this situation, you’ll see the entire move as very daunting and stressful. And it is, but it doesn’t have to be if you organize properly for the move. Organizing your time, what to do and when to do it can make your move be an exciting experience and you can help yourself and your family in avoiding any unnecessary stress.

You can do this by creating a simple checklist, dividing all the aspects of relocation into smaller steps. Furthermore, you can divide these steps by importance and priority and just follow through them as you move and pack so you don’t forget anything. Here are some tips to help you in making a moving checklist, as well as what should probably be higher up when it comes to priority, in case you need to move very fast or if you don’t have that much time to break down everything in a million smaller steps.

The move itself

First you need to decide if you’re going to move by yourself, with the help of friends who would aid you, or if you want to hire a moving company. Moving by yourself is probably the best option if you’re low on finances, if you’re moving very close and if you’ve got friends who would help in the moving process. On the other hand, if you’re moving somewhere far away, to another state even, it’s probably for the best to hire a moving company in that case.

Picking the right movers

If you decide to hire a long distance moving company, do your research, see what every company has to offer and what suits you best. Don’t forget that most companies provide free moving estimates, so you can check if the prices fit your moving budget.

Go through your belongings

Sort out all of your items, what you’re going to bring to your new home, and what’s being left behind. Keep in mind that some items will require special packing and handling during the move. The stuff that won’t be a part of your new home you can donate or gift, instead of just throwing it away. Also remember that you should keep your valuables separated from the rest of the items as it’s safer to transport them yourself.

The packing

Probably the most tiresome process when it comes to moving. Organize it properly and it will be half as stressful as it seems at first glance. Firstly you should designate a ‘Packing’ room, an extra room if you have any, or the largest in your home. This way you can pack everything in one place and keep the mess of moving in check. Secondly, it’s probably for the best to sort out your items by their rooms and pack them accordingly. Lastly, don’t forget to label all of the moving boxes, by rooms, and even more importantly mark fragile items as ‘FRAGILES’.

Moving day and safety

Safety should be one of your biggest concerns, so check that everything is packed safely for the move, and that the pathway to the moving trucks is not dangerous for moving heavy boxes and keep track of your items. Go through your checklist and check that everything is packed safely and properly for the move and that nothing is left behind.

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