The Essential Relocation Questions to Ask Your Employer Before Moving Overseas

Posted Country Guides / February 18, 2020
Anastasia Hill

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When thinking about whether to accept a new job offer that will require moving overseas, there are certain relocation questions to ask the employer that demand answers before you can make any definite decisions.

These will help you learn a little bit more about the prospective position, but also the company itself. If it is easier for you, write down the things you want to know and make inquiries. To make things a little easier for you, we’ve created a list of essential questions you should go over with your future boss or manager.

One of the Essential Relocation Questions to Ask the Employer – Who Will Take Care of Your Visa?

When moving across the world, you should think about the documents needed to travel abroad. Since visa requirements for working abroad differ depending on a country, one of the first questions you should ask during your interview is – who will manage your visa application process? Also, while you are on that topic, check if you need to have a confirmed job in order to apply for a work visa and obtain a work permit.

Will the Company Provide You With Any Kind of Moving Assistance?

It is not unheard of for enterprises to pay for their employees’ relocation. Go over your package with the boss and see what it entails. They can even offer you temporary housing when you get to your new city or at least help in finding a place to rent.

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Will They Help You Find the Right Accommodation?

When packing up your entire life and relocating from one place to another, you will want to have a place to call home. Talk to your new bosses and see if they are willing to lend you a hand in the search for the right accommodation. After all, they know the area better than you and can tell you what areas would be a perfect fit for you, commute and price-wise.

Find out If the Company Will Pay for an Orientational Visit

Check out if the company is willing to pay for an orientational visit to the city. This would be great because you get to experience first hand how the company operates even before you start working. Also, you can explore the city and get a feel of how life would be like there.

How Much Does the New Job Pay?

This one is pretty straight-forward; you are working to get paid, after all. It is only logical that you want to know how much money you will make in this new job. Try to negotiate your paycheck and see if you can raise it a little bit.

Make Sure to Ask the Employer Whether Local Jobs Include Paid Leave

Every country is a story for itself. When you choose to relocate, no matter where you go, research Labour Laws and check with your future bosses how much of paid leave you will have. Aside from vacation policy, companies should have a holiday calendar that contains all the off days.

What’s the Cost of Living in the Area?

When you figure out how much you are going to get paid, research the cost of living in the city of your potential employment. Some places have a high cost of living, but the companies offer paychecks that will cover them. Let’s say you are moving to Germany, or you are relocating to Sweden – research the standard of living, but also check out information your potential bosses may have for you. Because who knows the place better than people living in it?

Is This the Right Thing for Your Family?

If you’re moving with kids, you should be open and honest with your potential bosses about your family needs. Talk about schools or kindergarten options; some companies offer daycare. Also, if you are looking after an older relative that needs assistance, mention that. Employers might be willing to help you search for senior care facilities.

Are There Any Strings Attached to the Position?

Before you put your international moving in motion, go over the contract once again. Read the fine print of the relocation agreement. It will tell you all you need to know about temporary housing options, about the whole moving process, as well as bonuses, taxes, and days off that you get on the count of the relocation. At the same time, go over the parts that indicate whether you’ll have to pay back something to your employers in certain circumstances. Some contracts bind you to work for an enterprise for a while. If you quit, you will have to reimburse all the money you received for the move.

What Will the Team Dynamic Be Like?

Depending on the position you are starting at, you might have superiors or subordinates. Check if you can meet the team you will be working with before you accept the offer. Getting to know them will tell you a lot about the team dynamic, and whether you can get on board with it or not.

Ask About the Company Culture

Even if the money is great, and other perks add up, you won’t be happy with your new position if the company isn’t a perfect fit. While you are being interviewed, try to get a feel of the place. If you get the chance to talk to other employees, see what they like or dislike about working there.

What Kind of Social Support System Can You Expect?

Being alone in a foreign country is not all fun and games. Talk about the social support system that people in the company can offer you. This entails helping you adjust to the work environment as well as out in the real world.

What Are Their Expectations of You?

You will want to know exactly what your supervisors are expecting from you. Ask not only about your day-to-day tasks but how you can improve and climb the career ladder.

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