Discovering Paradise – Best Asian Countries for American Expats

Posted Country Guides / June 25, 2024
Julie Grace

Originally from The Golden City, Julie has explored the ins and outs of moving and has written all the tips down.

Discover the best Asian countries for American expats seeking new adventures and opportunities. This guide highlights top destinations like Thailand, Vietnam, the Philippines, Malaysia, and Singapore, each offering unique benefits from vibrant cultures to booming economies. Whether you’re pursuing career growth or a change in scenery, find out which Asian paradise is perfect for your expat journey.

What Is the Best Asian Country for Expats?

Some of the best countries in Asia for Americans are Thailand, Vietnam, Philippines, Malaysia, and Singapore. Each place offers unique experiences and it’s up to you to pick the most suitable one. However, one thing remains constant, you need to book an experienced international moving company and avoid the relocation stress as much as possible.

Thailand – A Hub of Culture and Comfort

Deciding where to live isn’t as easy as some people may think. However, many Americans choose Asia as their destination, especially to be called an expat living in Thailand. Here the cultural shock surely happens, but with such opportunities and welcoming people, transition is a breeze.

Temples and elephants coexist in the lush northern region, while the livelier southern islands provide beachside living on endless, postcard-perfect white sand. The capital city of Bangkok, with all its hedonistic activity, is right in the middle of it all. Adventure awaits around every corner in the so-called Big Mango, which is every bit a sophisticated international city.

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Why Is Thailand a Top Choice for American Expats?

Relocation to Asia is a hard decision to make, but Thailand is one of the friendliest places in the world. In fact, it’s rated as the best Asian country for American expats and one of the reasons is the contagious Thai laid-back vibe.

The combination of the country’s cultural diversity, breathtaking landscapes, and easygoing lifestyle makes it an irresistible destination for tourists. It is the striking differences between the country’s everyday life and those back home that attract many foreigners, or “farang” from Western nations.


Bangkok is a popular destination for internationals from all walks of life, thanks in large part to its thriving tech industry. Meanwhile, southern beach destinations like Phuket, which are known for their easygoing lifestyle and abundant sunshine, will undoubtedly attract older expats and retirees.

Additionally, you shouldn’t be discouraged by the Thai bureaucracy. With just a courteous grin, you’ll be sipping your next Chang beer in no time at all.

No European nation has ever invaded Thailand, making it unique in Southeast Asia

Navigating the Move – How Professional Movers Can Help?

Planning a relocation to Thailand involves intricate logistics, from navigating customs to safely transporting your belongings. So, the help from a professional international moving company is a must. These professionals specialize in such tasks, ensuring a seamless transition into your new Thai home. Luckily, you won’t have to wander around looking for the best relocation team – Sunset International Shipping has got you covered! With our top-notch packing services and secure and easy overseas car shipping, we’ll make your dream come true.

Vietnam – Dynamic Growth and Rich History

For foreigners looking to settle in Southeast Asia, Vietnam is quickly becoming a top choice. This country proudly embraces its diversity, much like Thailand. In the north, you’ll find mountainside rice terraces, while in the south, you’ll find tropical mangroves. Here are the most popular destinations for newcomers:

  • The southern city of Ho Chi Minh is one of the most popular destinations for newcomers to Vietnam.
  • The northern city of Hanoi is another top destination for newcomers to Vietnam.
  • The vibrant beach town of Da Nang is a great alternative destination.
  • The picturesque old canal town of Hoi An is another charming option.

Economic Opportunities in Vietnam for Americans Who Are Moving Internationally

Moving to Vietnam is a great decision even if you’re relocating without a job.

Did you know that Vietnam is appealing to American companies for several reasons?

To start, the American market is a good fit for Vietnam’s open economic system and industry-oriented policies.

Second, the country’s rising middle class is a direct outcome of its fast economic development, which bodes well for future consumer spending and business prospects.

With the goal of becoming a modern industrialized nation, Vietnam has set lofty objectives

Vietnam is a great place for American companies to invest, especially those in the industrial sector, because of its young and educated workforce. The country’s allure to investors is further amplified by its improved institutional elements and supportive investment policies.

Life in Vietnam – What to Expect?

For expats, life in Vietnam is full of variety and novelty. A new and exciting chapter can be found in this country, despite the challenges and adaptations that may be necessary. The country offers a cheap cost of living, wonderful food, beautiful landscapes, and kind hospitality.

However, there are some things you need to be prepared for. You can’t cross the street safely because the traffic is so chaotic and out of control. There is continuous traffic congestion due to the high volume of motorcyclists, vehicles, buses, and bicycles. The laws of transportation are disregarded. Also, due to the high rate of robberies and thefts, walking on the sidewalks is risky business.

You should use caution in Saigon or Ha Noi, as you would in any city. When compared to any other metropolis in the world, Saigon’s traffic is the most thrilling element. People here are known to ride motorcycles while carrying ridiculous amounts of junk, and you may see them cooking on public sidewalks, carrying three or more people on one bike, and a whole lot more when you stand in a corner and watch the traffic go by.

The Role of Expert Movers in Your Vietnamese Adventure

Professional international movers play a critical role in facilitating your relocation to Vietnam. We all know how packing procrastination can be annoying and it can stop practically the whole relocation organization. That’s when the experienced relocation crew steps in. They offer local knowledge and expertise that are invaluable for navigating the complexities of moving abroad.

The Philippines – Tropical Beauty and Expanding Opportunities

Looking for the best Asian country to live in as a foreigner where you can start the day by dipping your toe in the pristine waters of an uninhabited beach and having breakfast on the beachside?

The Philippines could be a good option for you. This archipelago nation is captivating, with an area of 7,000 tropical islands.

Many still consider it Asia’s hidden jewel.

A $1,000–$2,500 monthly budget can maintain a comfortable Philippine lifestyle

The crowded metropolis of the Philippines, Manila, could appear daunting at first sight. But if you get out and about, you’ll soon find many lovely neighborhoods. The Philippines is a popular destination for expats due to its abundance of stunning islands, such as Cebu and Palawan.

The Expat Community and Social Life in the Philippines

Newcomers to the Philippines often report easier cultural integration as a result of the welcoming and hospitable reputation of the Filipino people. Because of the friendliness and hospitality of the locals, American expats in the Philippines after relocating alone report feeling at home faster here than in other nations.

Here, you can find a wide range of housing options to suit different tastes and budgets. Demand for homes, especially in urban areas, is on the rise, making it a distinct realty market. The rising attractiveness of the Philippines as a retirement resort and the country’s robust economy are fueling this demand from investors both at home and abroad.

There is a large regional disparity in rental rates. The increasing demand for homes in big cities like Cebu and Manila causes rental prices to be higher. Condos in these locations are known for their opulence and the high prices they charge for their facilities. Some of these amenities include gyms, swimming pools, and 24-hour security.

On the other hand, rental prices are significantly lower in less developed or rural locations. Houses and apartments here tend to be more classic and unadorned, lacking the modern conveniences seen in larger urban centers.

Seamless Move With Professional Assistance

Moving to the Philippines can be complex due to its unique island geography and doing it by yourself implies making some relocation mistakes. Overseas moving companies that specialize in shipping overseas provide invaluable services to handle these challenges effectively.

Malaysia – Diversity and Modern Infrastructure

With its beautiful tropical scenery, affordable cost of living, and abundant English speakers, Malaysia is an attractive destination for anyone looking to immerse themselves in a new culture. If you are an American expat, you should consider living in this country.

Among the many appealing aspects of Malaysia for expats is its low cost of living. A limited budget can easily enjoy a standard of living that could be unattainable elsewhere. This is due to the incredibly low prices of daily necessities, rent, and recreational opportunities as compared to the West.

Furthermore, English is a commonly used and understood language in both professional and everyday settings. The ability to communicate in one’s native language without the language barrier, not only makes the first adjustment smoother but also makes relationships with natives and fellow expats easier.

Why Are Malaysian Expat Communities Attractive to American Expats?

This country has introduced a program that provides long-term visa options when moving overseas.

It’s called Malaysia My Second Home (MM2H) program and its aim is to entice foreigners to live and even invest in the country.

Keep in mind that this is a country where a one-of-a-kind cultural experience awaits you because of the indigenous, Chinese, Malay, and Indian influences.

Peninsula of gold (Aurea Chersonesus) is one of Malaysia's ancient names

Festivals, food, and everyday interactions all reflect the country’s cultural diversity, providing expats with an opportunity to fully immerse themselves in a cosmopolitan setting. Malaysia is a popular choice when relocating across the world looking for a place with cultural richness and policies that are welcoming to expats.

Professional Movers Are Your Key to a New Home in Malaysia

The role of experienced international movers is crucial in setting up a new home in Malaysia. Their services ensure a smooth transition because, without professional help, the whole process can be quite a mess.

Singapore – The Gateway to Asia’s Economy

With its booming economy, high standards of living, and great quality of life, the cosmopolitan metropolis of Singapore attracts expats. Singapore’s dedication to perfection permeates all facets of life, guaranteeing expats a well-rounded and satisfying existence, albeit at a higher cost.

Singapore Job Opportunities for Americans

Many expats find work in Singapore’s thriving economy, which is ideal for individuals with technical, financial, or engineering backgrounds.

The country is a major trading and investment hub due to its advantageous position, relatively stable government, and welcoming business policies.

Singapore is home to about 30,000 Americans

With its first-rate infrastructure, medical facilities, and educational opportunities, Singapore offers a great quality of life. The multicultural community boosts the lifestyle of foreigners by offering a wide tapestry of cultural activities, from exciting festivals to diverse cuisines.

Lifestyle and Regulations: What Americans Need to Know

The reputation of Singapore for cleanliness, orderliness, and safety is greatly enhanced by the country’s stringent legislation. Expats should be aware that local customs and laws control public conduct, housing, and transportation, in addition to these rules and regulations, which make life abroad safer.

Housing, education, and personal consumption all contribute significantly to Singapore’s among-the-highest-in-Asia cost of living. Notwithstanding these monetary concerns, many consider the investment worthwhile due to Singapore’s excellent quality of life.

Expert Relocation Crew Will Facilitate Your Move to Singapore

Moving to Singapore requires dealing with strict import and residency regulations. With a reliable overseas moving company by your side, you can seamlessly deal with these tasks from your to-do list while professionals take care of the packing and shipping tasks. Companies with experience in Singapore can manage these requirements, facilitating a hassle-free relocation.

Move to One of the Best Asian Countries for American Expats With a Top-Notch Overseas Shipping Company

Each Asian country offers unique advantages for American expats, from economic opportunities to enriching cultural experiences. The role of professional international movers is indispensable, ensuring a successful and stress-free relocation to your chosen Asian paradise. This being said,  contact us today and book a reliable crew! We at Sunset International Shipping have many years of experience and numerous satisfied customers. Choose only the best relocation help for your next journey!

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