The Ultimate Moving To-Do List

Posted Moving Tips and Tricks / April 2, 2022
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If you’re preparing for relocation, you’re probably already stressing out about all the tasks you’re supposed to finish. The number one helper in these situations is the moving to-do list. It’s going to help you organize your entire move and plan out every single detail. This way, you’ll make sure the relocation is less stressful, and you won’t have to worry about forgetting something important.

Why Is There a Checklist for Moving?

If you think you can go through the relocation process without a list, you are really optimistic. Even if this is not your first time moving abroad, there is a small chance you won’t have everything under control without a relocation checklist. Writing down a list of things to do when moving will help you plan and organize each task. It’s also going to be easier for you to track the progress of the relocation.

How Do I Make a Moving Schedule?

If you want to be fully organized and have space to finish everything without any fuss or hurry, it would be great to sit down and prepare a to-do list for moving eight weeks or two months ahead if you want to move efficiently. This will be the ideal time to have your whole move planned out and schedule each task on your checklist. It’s best to do smaller jobs every day than rushing everything in a week.

Even if you’re considering hiring an international moving company, the whole process does take a long time, and there are plenty of tasks companies don’t do for you, and you mustn’t forget about them.

What Should You Start the Moving To-Do List With?

When you plan complicated tasks such as relocation, it’s usually the hardest to choose what to begin with. Here are some of the tasks that should be on top of your moving list of things to do and that you should start finishing at least two months before your relocation date.

Coordinate the Relocating and Closing Dates

It’s best to lock in your dates at least two months before the move, as you’ll have to organize everything else according to that. When relocating to another country, you probably won’t have complete control over dates, but you can adjust them, so they are not too close or too far apart.

Set a Relocation Budget

When relocating across the world, budgeting is your top priority task. Be sure you know exactly how much money you plan on spending and track your expenses. This is especially true when relocating on a low budget, as you’ll have to be careful where your money is going or where you could save some.

Do Research on the Place You're Relocating To

You want to know if the city you’re going to live in is the best fit for you. Remember to read about experiences of living in another country, so you’re well prepared and know what to expect. Get as much information as you can about it. You don’t want any culture shocks once you start your new life there.

Research Movers at Least 8 Weeks Before

When moving internationally, you’ll probably need help from a professional mover. To be sure you’re hiring a reputable firm that fits your preferences, here are a few things you should keep in mind when hiring an international relocation company.

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Research Few Reputable Companies

You want to have a few options to think about when hiring professionals for moving overseas. You should read all the reviews you can find, check their license, and call them to ask some crucial questions. You want to know you’re hiring the best option.

Always look out for scamming companies since it is the last thing you want happening to you while you’re planning a relocation. That’s why you have to do good research on them and not do any online transactions in advance. Especially be careful if you’re relocating abroad alone.

Compare Estimates

Based on your research, choose the top three companies and ask them to give you quotes. Expect them to ask to come to your house and see the items you’ll move. Inform yourself on critical legal terms and know what’s included in the price for services of relocating overseas, and don’t rush agreeing to a quote.

Understand Insurance Options

People often forget to ask important questions when relocating, and insurance options are certainly among them. There shouldn’t be any dilemma about whether you should get marine insurance from your overseas moving company since you never know what could happen.

When booking an international relocation, you don’t want to worry about any worst-case scenario. That’s why you need to get relocating insurance and avoid any additional relocating stress.

Prepare Your Pets for the Move

If you’re relocating with pets, you should know how you’ll transport them weeks ahead. You want your furry friends to have a stress-free move as well. It’s important to also inform your vet about the action so he can do a check-up of your pet and give you any additional and essential information.

Research Options for Car Shipping

If you’re planning on shipping a car overseas, prepare all the essential questions and ask for proof of insurance when hiring an overseas shipping company. Ask them what the firm covers and what is not included in case your car gets damaged during overseas vehicle shipping.

Packing To-Do List For Moving

Once you finish making a moving inventory list and you know exactly what you’re going to pack for relocating abroad to your new home, it’s time you start the actual process. So, do you know what you need to do before your move? Definitely create a moving packing list so you don’t miss out on any important step.

Figure Out What You Shouldn’t Move to the New Home

Before you start packing, you should know what to keep when relocating and what you won’t need in your new home. Think about items you don’t use, things that might be broken, as well as clothes you don’t wear or don’t fit you anymore. You can always throw those things away or donate them through organizations like GoodWill.

If you are planning on getting a packing service, inform yourself which items professionals won’t move so you don’t create any problems when shipping overseas. You should know exactly what you must not put in your packages, from flammable and hazardous materials to plants and perishable food.

Prepare the Necessary Supplies and Materials

For preparing packages for overseas shipping, you’re going to use lots of supplies. Be sure you have the right amount of boxes in suitable sizes, lots of wrapping paper for packing fragile items, as well as bubble wrap. You may also order specialty containers like dish barrels and wardrobe boxes.

Pack First Week’s Essential Items

When packing, decide which things might come in handy during the first week of your life in a new home. You probably won’t be opening all of the boxes, so you want to have all of the most necessary items you’ll most definitely have to use during the first few days. Some of them are:

  • Personal hygiene stuff,
  • Cleaning supplies,
  • Some clothes,
  • Medication,
  • Electronic devices and chargers.

There are plenty of other things you may want to put in the essentials box, depending on your and your family’s needs. If you have kids, be sure to pack their toys and games to keep them entertained. Suppose you have some pets. Remember to bring their food and treats and items like a leash, toys, bed, bowls, and others.

In case you need more tips on packing, you can always find some informative youtube videos like the one below.

Preparing for the Upcoming Move Day

Are you wondering, “what should I do 2 weeks before moving?”. Let’s break it down. Once your relocation day is two weeks away, you should already have most of your belongings packed and prepared for transport. However, there are still some tasks to finish before the day movers come into your house. Here are some of the tips to remember on that day.

Plan Your Meals

You want to be sure the smallest amount of food from your house goes to the waist before leaving your home. Don’t do any unnecessary grocery shopping and plan which meals you can prepare for you and your family from the stuff you already have.

Change of Address and Transferring Utilities

When relocating, you must know who to notify when changing address. Remember to go to your local post office and fill out a change-of-address form or do it online. Also, report all the necessary parties about your relocation date and your new address.

Contact the Relocation Company

It’s always a good idea to reconfirm the arrangements once the relocation date is coming up. If you still have some questions and concerns about whether you’ve done everything properly, now is the time to contact the professionals and ask them to clarify it to you.

If Needed Use Storage

Last two weeks before relocating, you should already figure out what you’re going to transport and what you won’t need while living overseas. Things you don’t use but are willing to keep can be placed in storage. Contact your relocating firm and ask them about storage service. Do this before the move, so you don’t create confusion with your movers.

On the Relocation Day

By the time the relocation date comes, you should already have everything prepared and ready. Your boxes should be packed and ready for the movers to transport them. However, there are still a few things to write down for yourself, so they don’t slip your mind.

Make a Plan for the Kids

In case you’re relocating with kids, you should probably have a plan for their activities on the relocation date. Most likely, you won’t have time to look after them and you wouldn’t want them running around when the relocation team comes. Consider asking your family or friends to look after them.

Manage Movers

Be sure you and the company’s people are on the same page. Communicate your expectations and walk them through your plan. Remember to be a good host and offer them some food and drinks for refreshments.

Double Check the Important Things

When leaving your old home, you should double-check all the most important details and go through your checklist once again. Count the boxes you’ve packed so nothing gets lost or left behind. Check to see if you have all the documents needed for traveling.

Double-check the house during the final walk-through – see if there are damages in the house. Also, remember to keep all your relocating receipts and put them in a safe place, as this may help you save some money during tax time. Once everything is checked out, you’re good to go!

Now Just Enjoy Settling in Your New Home

Having a list of things to do when moving into a new house and finishing everything on time is going to make sure the whole relocation process goes smoothly and painlessly for you and your family. Doing all of those tasks properly means your packing will go easier as well as your first few days in your new home. Once everything is settled in, you’ll have more free days to adjust to the new country or to find a job as an expat and enjoy yourself with your family.

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