How to Move Overseas and Why It’s the Best Idea Ever

Posted How-to / September 21, 2021
Daisy Wilson

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Relocation to another continent, living in a different culture, and meeting new people sounds fun! However, there might be some challenges if you fail to plan some of the essential details. Here is how to move overseas effortlessly and be ready for every step of this journey!

Plan Every Step Meticulously When Moving Overseas

Relocating across the world means dealing with thousands of details and information. From choosing the right location for a new life chapter to organizing all practical details. Whether you’re relocating in pursuit of better career opportunities, a less polluted space, or because you’re retiring, having a detailed plan is a must-do when the goal is living overseas.

Lovely surroundings, friendly people, quality food, safety, a free healthcare system, or financial freedom are reasons that make relocation to another continent the best idea ever! However, all this can go south if getting a visa is too complicated, or the political system and customs are too different compared to the States.

For that reason, having each detail in mind when planning the international relocation is the surest way to choose the right destination to match your expectations and needs. Here is what to check before deciding where to live next!

Find the Perfect Destination You’ll Call Home

Finding a great job or the next favorite beach is important. Still, when looking for a place to work, and spend free time, make sure to check some practical details that could tremendously impact your lifestyle.

Specific Customs and Laws Can Be Strange

Not every country has rules like those we know in the States. For example, Dubai and Qatar have just crazy opportunities for career advancement. However, the strict laws, completely different customs, and very traditional society can be challenging for US citizens who might experience a real culture shock.

We’re sure you won’t feel pleasant if police approach you for wearing too-short pants or a skirt (because this is not moral in some parts of the world). Or, you try to log in on some social media to see they are blocked. For that reason, it is of tremendous importance to thoroughly research the next place you choose to live in.

Explore Job Market, and Find the Job Before Moving Abroad

No matter what your reasons to move are, one of the most vital tasks to tackle before relocating abroad is – finding a job. A well-paid job is a way to financial stability, so finding it before the international relocation is of essential importance.

The first step is to explore the internet and find the best platforms with job listings. Filter those listings that require native English speakers and contact the potential employers, sending them the CV and scheduling the interview. Create a list of international relocation questions to ask the employer, like:

  • Do they cover any relocation costs?
  • Can they help you get a working visa?
  • What are the conditions for paid leave?

Before signing any contract, it is highly recommended to check the labor laws of the specific country you’re about to relocate to. And, let the rest be history!

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Can I Move Overseas Without a Job?

A simple answer would be yes. However, depending on each country’s regulations, the allowed periods of time to spend there without a visa is short. That’s why in order to get a working one you have to be employed or look into other options. On the other hand, you can move without a job, if a country allows you to stay there without a visa.

Working remotely is also an option. So, if you have enough funds to support yourself while living there and are okay with not having a regular monthly income you can stay in the country for at least three months. Furthermore, look into visas for remote workers, and get one, so that you can stay in the location for a longer period of time.

Bonus tip: Don’t forget that a number of American companies have representatives and branches all over the world. So, finding a job for Americans in Europe or any other continent shouldn’t be a problem at all!

Check What Documents You Need to Enter the Specific Country

A valid passport and visa – if there are any requirements, these are the two most common pieces of documents needed to travel abroad. However, when it comes to exotic countries, like those in Africa or the Indian Ocean, travelers and their potential citizens might be required to get specific vaccinations.

So, if you ever were wondering can you just move to another country, the answer is – no. To avoid any unnecessary increase of moving stress, ensure to check all the regulations with the Consulate or Embassy of the destination you’re about to relocate to. And prepare accordingly.

Apply for the Right Type of Visa to Attain Lawful Stay

Different countries are issuing different types of visas. Study visas, joining family, or working visas. All of these guarantee legal stay and the possibility to live in another country without any limitations for you and your family too.

Explore what are the requirements to meet, and apply for a visa within the stipulated time. If you plan to work in Europe as an American, keep in mind that in many countries, the employer should give a guarantee there is not enough workforce for the position they need. Or they should offer proof that there are no qualified workers. So, when exploring what is the easiest country to move to, let the factor of acquiring a visa or permanent residence be the decisive one to give the final answer to this question.

Bonus tip: Inspect everything about tax requirements in the domicile country and the nation you’re relocating to. Don’t forget that IRS regulations imply paying taxes even if you don’t live in the United States.

Pick the Most Suitable Housing Option to Match Your Needs

Another crucial detail to set up when you move to another country, no matter if relocating abroad alone or with family, is to select the most suitable housing option that will match your needs and finances. Exploring the housing markets, the average price per square footage, or rental prices, and checking what size and amenities you can get is the first step in this process.

After exploring those details online, the next step to include in the checklist is – hiring a reliable real estate agent who will narrow down your search and help you find the perfect property. Also, a real estate agent will present you with all law regulations regarding ownership of realty in a foreign nation. Another benefit of hiring a professional real estate agent is a  warning if the property needs some major repairs. Which can potentially save you a lot of money!

What Should You Know Before Buying a Home?

How is the property well maintained, and what are the costs of maintenance? What is the reason why owners are selling the property, and how much should you pay for taxes? Those are only a few of the many details to check when buying a home. If you want to learn everything about compromises you can and should not make when buying the property, take a look at the video below and prepare for buying a house!

What to Keep in Mind When Relocating With Kids?

When relocating with kids, besides having to explore the best places to live abroad with family, you should cover a hundred more details. How will they accept the change and the fact they’ll be miles away from home? Is the schooling system free or paid? What are the prospects for further education in that country? What is covered by the healthcare system? How safe is the destination you plan to relocate to? And how will they learn a language abroad?

All those questions are only the beginning of the avalanche of further questions which will continue to line up. However, don’t let this discourage you! With proper emotional support, your kids – no matter what age they are – will be able to cope with all the challenges and accept all the advantages of new environments.

Large Expat Community, and Hanging Out With other Families Can Help Kids in Adjusting to New Area

Choosing a destination that has large expat communities is one of the most effective ways to help children to adjust easier to new environments and communities. Another handy tip would be to explore Facebook groups, find expats of your nationality and contact them. This could be not only the beginning of a life-lasting friendship, but also it can be very beneficial to the adjustment process for your kids.

Hanging out with families that have children of similar ages can help them in breaking the language barrier. This will also help them feel more comfortable to start communicating with the rest of the community even though their knowledge of the language is very limited.

Budget the Move and Check How Much Does it Cost to Relocate Overseas?

Keeping the costs under control is always a good idea! Especially if you’re relocating on a low budget. Creating a cost scheme will help you estimate the amount you’ll need to spend, and also, all potentials to reduce the expenses.

Since there are many hidden costs people usually forget to include in their budgets, the expenses can increase drastically compared to the original calculations. That’s why you should increase every calculation by 10% at least and include literally everything that is related to relocation:

  • Travel costs,
  • Visas related costs,
  • Accommodation costs,
  • Car shipping,
  • Overseas shipping services,
  • Real estate agent services,
  • Costs of repairs of the property to move in,
  • And many more.

Schedule International Moving Way in Advance to Avoid Stressful Last Minute Situations

One of the first things to put in the moving abroad checklist is scheduling international moving as soon as you settle all the details, such as a job and house. Once those two are covered, the next step is a search for a reliable international moving company that can offer all the moving services you need.

How to Relocate Overseas?

Having a professional overseas moving company to lead you through the whole process will definitely streamline shipping overseas and make relocation easier than you could ever imagine.

No matter if you want to learn how storage units function and for how long you can use them or want to schedule overseas vehicle shipping, make sure to contact the chosen company in advance. This will help you to avoid stressful last-minute deals and situations. Remember, the more time you have to go through the process, the fewer chances for making mistakes!

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