Is Living Overseas the Right Thing for You? Here are the Factors to Consider

Posted Moving Abroad / June 8, 2021
Kate Holland

A true grunge and rock music fan born in Seattle, Kate has moved across the country and started writing about her experience.

If you think living overseas sounds like a great idea, you must prepare thoroughly for the major shift it entails. Choosing to move out of the domestic territory and traveling thousands of miles can be an adventure of a lifetime. It can also bring some extraordinary business opportunities, a chance to meet new people, and embrace an entirely different culture.

Still, before you make up your mind and decide to pursue this dream, you must get to know about the decisive factors, such as costs, safety, employment opportunities, tremendous differences, and more. However, if you find that starting a fresh life chapter in another corner of the world is the best option for you, don’t forget to contact the most reliable international moving company. Read this article to find the answers that will help you decide.

What Does it Mean to Live Overseas?

The term “living overseas” refers to crossing the ocean and finding a home in a foreign land. If you are a US resident, this will imply that you’d move to Europe, Africa, Asia, or any other continent across the seas. Stats say that around 9 million Americans currently populate the lands outside of their country of origin.

Is it Better to Live Abroad? Find Out About the Pros and Cons

Cheap but excellent education in some regions, better and more affordable healthcare, and inexpensive housing opportunities are among the top three reasons Americans relocate to a brand-new country. Young professionals eager to boost their careers and students might find this decision character-building. Fresh tastes and cultural differences will only sharpen your senses and broaden your knowledge and mindset. Finding friends and promoting social skills also come as a desired side effect when being settled far from home. Whether you move alone or take your family on a trip around the globe – you can all have an amazing time and learn a lot.

Still, nearly every benefit from this list can turn into a potential issue:

  • You could end up spending way more than you have planned,
  • A cultural shock can be too massive for some,
  • Being homesick is a very common struggle, even when you do your best to keep in touch with friends and kin,
  • If you are single who wishes to find a steady partner, it might get trickier than you have thought,
  • Lastly, bureaucracy is often a lot more demanding than you hoped for it to be.

Many people who make a major change such as this one question their choice and undergo some anxiety. If it occurs to you, just know that feeling afraid of an enormous change is in order. If you do everything correctly, you will most likely overcome it pretty soon.

Where Is the Best Place to Live Overseas?

Each place has its benefits and drawbacks. Choosing the most suitable one can be somewhat personal. You must find a location that meets all your needs and matches your preferences. Some overall factors you will have to consider might play a decisive role. Still, you must never let your personal goals and lifestyle choices slip from your mind when selecting a destination and consulting an expat community that fits you.

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Is Living Abroad Expensive? Plan Your Budget and Exchange Your Currencies Before You Become an Expat

Nearly all costs can range depending on the location you choose. Still, some costs are the same for everyone, and yet expats often overlook them. Here’s what you must be aware of:

  • Exchange rates and bank transfer fees,
  • Relocating costs, vehicle shipping, and import taxes,
  • Possible legal services,
  • Health insurance and car insurance,
  • Housing tax, road taxes, and utility expenses.

Ultimately, you will need a plan B in case you don’t find yourself at the place you have chosen. An exit strategy also costs. Be sure to save up sufficiently so you can move back if your plans fall through.

Move Abroad Without Crossing an Ocean – Find Your Place in Canada

Safety and low crime rates are this country’s trademark. Also, public education, economy, and healthcare are highly ranked in this region. When you travel to Canada, you will have to visit its famous mountains and glaciers. So, when you think about what to pack, keep your warm outfits close.

Another significant advantage of relocating to Canada is that there is no language barrier. Also, there is no huge cultural difference you will have a hard time grasping. All of this makes this area perfect for those who want to move with children. The only downsides that you might encounter are harsh weather and high prices. If you want to save up a few bucks before your move, book the most reputable international movers and acquire their packing services and secure storage units.

European Countries You Should Explore

Selecting a destination depends on various factors and your personal reasons to move across the world. Some of the best European countries every young American expat must have on their list are France and Italy. The famous City of Light has over 2 million people, and nearly 15% of them are foreigners. If you’re up for a more rural feeling, France has countless gorgeous villages and townships to settle in. On the other end, although Italy is a little pricey and you’d be required to do a lot of paperwork, staying here will be worth your while. Rome is considered to be one of the best cities in Europe for Americans to live in. And if you are looking for another perfect destination in the old continent, you can’t skip exploring Spain and Portugal since their inhabitants are among the most friendly nations in the world.

However, if you are more career-oriented and looking for ways to amplify your professional experiences, you might want to think about the Netherlands, Germany, or the UK.

High Standard and Amazing Job Opportunities in Germany

Wouldn’t you love to be in the center of all happenings in the Old Continent? Relocating to Germany has many advantages. If you pick it to be the place to live, work, and play, you will have quick access to basically any European territory. And the flights to nearly any destination are pretty cheap and frequent.

Entering Germany isn’t hard, as long as you won’t be staying for more than three months. However, if you wish to find a job and stay for quite a while, you will need to go through complex bureaucratic issues and procedures. That means that you will have some additional relocation stress to deal with. Once you reach your destination, you will enjoy inexpensive food and quality beer, and the job market will grant you countless opportunities. On the other hand, the housing market isn’t quite as simple. Whether you’re looking for a residence to buy or rent, the competition is very high.

You will have to collect all the documents needed to travel abroad and more if you want to call this state your home and arm yourself with patience to fulfill all of the required norms and forms.

Affordable Accommodation, Granted Self-Employment Visa, and Beautiful Climate in Spain

Although relocating to Spain might seem debatable due to the pretty high unemployment rate, it has countless other perks. Those who can keep their old jobs and continue to work remotely would have a blast here. If you are one of the many digital nomads, you can get a self-employment visa granted by the Spanish government in no time. Gorgeous architecture and numerous historical landmarks contribute to the local charm. In addition to it, travelers and residents can enjoy fine wine, excellent food, plenty of sunshine, and long, sandy beaches. Young enthusiasts can find this region interesting since there is so much to explore. And the costs of living are fairly low. Spanish people are very friendly and outgoing, which is one of the significant reasons for exploring this option. You would feel very welcome and accepted, and there wouldn’t be a massive cultural barrier to overcome. Adjusting to the new country will be effortless in this Mediterranean paradise.

If you need some proven tips for learning a new language and extra help to master Spanish, here is a video that you might find useful:

Here’s What Getting a European Work Visa is Like

Working in Europe as an American implies different things depending on the country’s government and its requirements, local job market, and whether they are in the European Union. In general, these are the steps you would be required to take:

  • Fill out the application forms,
  • Provide two identical photographs not older than three months,
  • Have a valid passport that won’t expire during at least the next three months,
  • Be able to present your evidence of roundtrip flight reservations,
  • Obtain travel medical insurance,
  • Present proof of accommodation,
  • Showcase a valid employment contract,
  • Have the requested educational certificates.

In addition to it, some of the Schengen states ask for proof that you have learned the language. You should still contact the embassy to learn more about the specific demands you will have to meet.

Cost-Effective Asian Countries Americans Often Moved to

If you want to see what it’s like to experience one of the fastest-growing economies in Asia, you should consider Vietnam. Extremely low crime rates and even lower costs attract numerous tourists and expats yearly. Spacious one-bedroom homes in their prominent cities cost less than $700 per month, and that’s just the tip of the iceberg. Cheap, delicious meals on every corner and a vibrant lifestyle will charm any American who chooses this destination. And particularly those who have remote jobs should try out this superbly unique state.

Digital nomads from the US also choose to relocate to South Korea. High-speed internet, modern cities, and their beautiful surroundings make this place excellent for young enthusiasts. There’s a lot to see and do, starting from the vivid nightlife and cultural scene. And last but not least, South Korea also offers cheap accommodation and low prices on every corner.

Thailand is another exotic Asian paradise you can easily call home. Finding a quite luxurious condo in the city of Bangkok can cost you up to $600 a month. As a downside, strict visa requirements can make lengthy stays in Thailand challenging. However, their government is prone to reconsidering these rules and rewriting them once the pandemic is over.

South American Countries for Adventurers and Remote Workers – Argentina and Uruguay

People who don’t expect much more than a delicious gelato and quality wine during any time of the day will love Argentina and its buena vida. However, the country’s economy is very unstable. If you can spend your time there while using a laptop to earn your income, you are in for a wild ride. Smiley faces, great music, a nature that’s beautiful beyond all reason, and packed, busy streets in its metropolitan areas will have anyone smitten. Nevertheless, seeking stability abroad won’t lead you primarily to Argentina. The Mediterranean natural beauty beyond compare and stunning architecture are sufficient for some. But be careful and don’t skip those other significant aspects when exploring the territory.

If relocating to South America is still your dream come true, Uruguay is a lot smaller but much more stable. Their economy will be friendlier toward you. Food and rent here are pretty affordable, but other prices might be a little higher than you’ve expected. So, create a savings account before you relocate to this awesomely vivid and captivating region. And also, learning Spanish is a must. Most of the residents are well educated, but their English is a bit rusty, and you will have to overcome the barrier yourself.

Freedom, Diversity, and Bungee Jumping in New Zealand

You don’t need to be a Lord of the Rings fan to fall head over heels for New Zealand. This place has the perfect climate, unique nature, numerous forests, several active volcanoes, and several waterfalls. Finding a job in tourism and hospitality is easy there. Also, they have a highly developed agricultural industry. Those between the ages of 18 and 30 can easily get a Working Holiday Visa and stay for a whole year. However, you will have to consult a Coronavirus guide for expats if this area is on your agenda for the foreseeable future. Once the borders are open again, you can book your date for international moving by air and land a fresh career opportunity in the motherland of surfing and bungee jumping.

Do You Find Living Overseas Appealing? Keep the Main Criteria in Mind When Choosing

If relocating abroad sounds like your cup of tea, you just have to be sure to gather all the relevant information before you pick a location. You must know about the area you plan to move to, its benefits and downsides, its economy, housing and job markets, prices, people, communities, culture, and language. And lastly, you must learn about the requirements the foreigners must fulfill in order to spend a substantial amount of time there. Once you find a place you’d love to call your own, do your research and hire the best overseas moving company. Find the top international moving by sea services, or get your household items shipped by air with their help. Since you will most likely need your car in your new hometown, seek reliable overseas vehicle shipping from them and ensure that your car arrives safely right to your doorstep.

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