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European culture and style of living are so different yet tempting, which is why so many Americans are wondering what the best cities to live in Europe are. If moving across the pond is something you’re thinking about, take a look at these locations across the Old Continent.

Whether you're relocating for business or you fell in love with a European city because of its culture, people, and food, starting a new chapter is always exciting.

What Is the Best Country to Live in Europe?

Learning how to live in another country shouldn’t be so hard if you’re relocating to one of these European gems. These countries are highly rated for their quality of life, so let’s take a look at some of them, without any particular order:

  • Portugal
  • Austria
  • Switzerland
  • Germany
  • Italy
  • France
  • The Netherlands
Before you settle for a city, travel around these great countries to discover how diverse they are.

Where in Europe Do Americans Move the Most?

The majority of Americans immigrate to Canada or South America. But around 25% to 30% of them opt for moving across the world to the Old Continent. Breaking the language barrier is not the biggest problem since there is a vast offer of English-speaking jobs and international companies. So if you want to find a new job in Europe as an American, pay attention to countries such as Luxembourg, Germany, France, Portugal, or Sweden, you’ll quickly find American expat communities. These also happen to be the nations with the largest US expat communities.

A lot of Americans come here for business. Plenty of international companies means that there's a great opportunity to find a job in English.

What Is the Best City in Europe to Live?

If you’ve gathered the most important documents for moving internationally, the sky’s the limit. Don’t limit yourself to just one city. The Old Continent is home to very diverse countries, so make sure to research them all thoroughly. You can also take some time to visit them before you embark on your international moving adventure. Without further ado, here are our top choices.

Berlin, Germany – Best for Young Professionals

Berlin is one very expat-friendly place that welcomes young professionals from all over the world. Often, you’ll hear that Berlin is not “real” or “typical” Germany, which is not so far from the truth. Those who are moving to Germany and looking to experience echte Deutschland, should take a look at some smaller towns. For everything else, Berlin is the most vibrant and diverse hub you’ll ever encounter.

Lisbon, Portugal – Always on Top

If you’ve already looked at some of the best countries, you certainly couldn’t have missed Lisbon. It is usually at the top of every list. Whether you’re looking for the best places to retire in Europe, or you’re moving to Portugal from the US for its high quality of life, you won’t be disappointed if you settle in Lisbon, Porto, or any other place in Portugal.

Madrid, Spain – Siesta Lifestyle

Moving to Spain from the US can represent a bit of a cultural shock, but once you get used to their laidback lifestyle and siesta hours, you’ll be fine. Markets with fresh fruits, beautiful architecture, climate, and nightlife, are only some perks of moving to Madrid from the US. The process of adjusting to a new country here will be smoother than anywhere else, because who wouldn’t want a life like that?

Zurich, Switzerland – A Multilingual Country

With four official languages in Switzerland, you might need some tips for learning a new language, after all. High standards, a good education system, safety, and beautiful nature are Switzerland’s strongest features. But there is one crucial thing you shouldn’t overlook. Switzerland is not an EU member, so make sure to check all terms and regulations for immigrants.

Paris, France – One of Europe’s Most Famous Destinations

France is much more than just Paris, but if you’re looking for an international climate, Paris is the place to be. Moving to France, the land of fine wine and excellent food, means that you’ll have to pay good attention to your choice of shoes, and probably learn a bit of French because they can be very stubborn when it comes to refusing to speak English.

Rome, Italy – Experience Hedonism at its Finest

Moving to Italy from the US sounds like a dream, but the reality is not far from it. Italians love to enjoy life, and they don’t take it too seriously. You’ll learn how to enjoy people-watching and that every hour can be Spritz o’clock. You’ll probably eat more pasta than ever, and forget about Starbucks; but we don’t want to tell you everything, some things you’ll have to discover on your own.

Cities With the Highest Quality of Life in the World

According to Mercer’s annual quality of life survey, Vienna tops this list (again) as the best place to live, not just in the Old Continent, but in the entire world. Vienna is followed by other European gems such as Zurich and Munich, so Western Europe can be considered a synonym for quality living.

Vienna is a great city for people who like to travel and find a new home in the heart of the Old Continent.

What Country Has the Lowest Cost of Living in Europe?

If you go a bit off the beaten path and explore other corners of this continent, you can find some more budget-friendly places. Balancing finances when moving abroad is not easy; the cost of overseas vehicle shipping, as well as storage units¬†and packing services can impact your budget significantly, so make sure you are aware of those costs. Countries such as Bulgaria, Romania, or Albania can be very affordable, so let’s compare the average cost of living in their capital cities, according to Numbeo.

Sofia, Bulgaria

Bucharest, Romania

Tirana, Albania

Skopje, Macedonia

Bosnia and Herzegovina

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What Are the Richest Cities in Europe?

On the other hand, for those who can afford it, the Old Continent is home to some very expensive places, some of them are even among the richest cities in the world. According to their GDP, here are European wealthiest cities:

  • London
  • Paris
  • The Rhine-Ruhr
  • Madrid
  • Randstad
  • Milan
  • Frankfurt
London is a great city for those looking for business opportunities and new ways to excel in their career.

The Best City in the World: The Choice Is Yours

It is hard to pick just one, so we’ll leave the final verdict to you. If you want to avoid moving stress, take some time to travel. Every European country and its people are so different, so you need to find the one that suits your mentality and preferences.