7 Common Reasons to Move to Another Country

Posted Moving Abroad / July 30, 2021
Milly Andrews

Born and raised in Portland, Milly has had a lot of experience moving and writing about the relocation process.

If you are thinking about becoming a part of an American expat community, you might want to take a look at the most common reasons to move to a new city or country and determine whether you would want something like that for yourself or not. We will present you with benefits for which others often decide to move internationally, but it is up to you to decide if the pros outweigh the cons.

So, what are the reasons a person might move for? Personal relations, job opportunities, and meeting other cultures could all be good motivation for moving abroad, but just keep reading – you will find out much more. More than 8 million Americans who choose to live abroad were once ready to go through relocation stress and a long and tedious process for a variety of different motives. Relocating across the world sure has its pros and cons, but keep in mind that those people chose to be expats searching for something better. Find out if their “better” could be yours, too.

1.  Love Is in the Air – One of the Main Reasons People Move Abroad

Relocating to another country for love is a common reason for moving out of an apartment or house and being ready to settle halfway around the world. When people find that special someone, they are willing to do whatever it takes to be with them – leave family and friends, move to a foreign land, and even learn a language abroad. Two souls in love are often tired of a long-distance relationship, online conversations, and differences in time zones  – they just want to be together. That is often the cause for one of them to leave everything behind.

Whether you are leaving your home to continue the relationship or to tie the knot and start a family, be sure you are taking the step in the right direction. After all, you are going to uproot your whole life, so ensure your relationship stands on a solid foundation before you call an international moving company, hire packing services and book international moving services.

Different Kinds of Love Could Lead You to Find a Home Overseas

Sometimes it’s not the romantic kind of love for which a person is willing to bridge the gap, but one that revolves around the family. If your kids moved abroad and decided to have children of their own, you may consider relocating in order to help them and make their life easier, at least for a few years. It also goes the other way – if you have an elderly or sick relative who is very dear to you, you may decide to leave home and be of help in the days to come.

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2.  Better Job Opportunities Can Make People Leave Their Home

There are two types of job-related relocations – seeking the best positions in your field and being transferred to an overseas branch of your current company. Either way, you need to regard it as an opportunity to boost your career, expand your professional experience, and learn so much more than you would in your regular work environment.

Modern technology has made it possible for every individual to search and find a more suitable job across the border even before they cross it. Working in Europe as an American, for example, is more achievable today than it used to be. Of course, there will still be many challenges to overcome. Still, when you find some of the best jobs for Americans in Europe or any other continent and country and become accustomed to your new surroundings, you will be able to focus on the good.

If you need to learn more about how to find a job in Europe, be sure to check the video below:

3.  Pursuing Top Education Could Be One of the Reasons to Move Out of the Homeland

Chasing your dream of studying while living overseas could be the reason to apply for a student visa and search for different study programs. It is an excellent choice for those thirsty for knowledge, who want to learn in the leading countries and universities for their field of study. Moreover, they will learn so much more than what is in their curriculums – they will absorb many things about the culture of the foreign nation, often without even realizing it.

When relocating with kids abroad, parents often look for countries with the best education system, but it usually isn’t the primary reason for relocation. However, if you’re considering relocating to Finland with your family, remember that this country has the best education system, not only in Europe but in the world!

4.  Looking for a Way to Improve Finances by Moving Abroad Is Often the Initial Motivation

Why do people move? The reasons we have listed so far are just the beginning. Next on our list are money problems that could be the trigger for organizing an international move. It may sound paradoxical if you keep in mind the average cost of an overseas moving company and shipping overseas. However, it could become an amazing investment, considering many countries have a more affordable cost of living than the USA.

How Can Living Costs Determine a Better Place to Live?

During financial troubles, some may start looking for a country where housing prices, health care, and food costs are more accessible. Did you know that by relocating and renting a house in Thailand, you could live comfortably with around half the amount of money you’d need in the USA? With a lower average cost of a house, food, and transportation, you could build your life in a tropical paradise. You may think that the USA has a Paradise of the Pacific inside its borders, too, but to move to Hawaii, you would need much more funds than for Thailand.

Relocating Abroad Because of Better Healthcare Options

It is now known worldwide that America’s healthcare system waits to see better days, and hospital prices could be good motivation for those seeking countries with universal healthcare to think of relocating to France or even relocating to Germany as an option. However, note that moving overseas is not the only possibility – universal healthcare could be found in our northern neighbor, so consider relocating to Canada.

5.  Chasing New Experiences Can Be the Main Goal for Adventurous Spirits

If you moved from the East Coast to the West Coast and vice versa, you would be amazed by the differences in lifestyles, and you still wouldn’t be out of the States! Imagine what it would feel like to move to a foreign city where so many things are different from what you’re used to. Those who experience wanderlust thrive on the excitement of the new and are more likely to find a home abroad if given the opportunity.

International Moving as a Chance to Experience Different Cultures

There is no denying that pretty much everyone faces culture shock when relocating abroad. It can only get harder if you move to one of the countries with a culture less known to Americans. Aside from having to break the language barrier in order to live in a foreign country, you will also experience a lifestyle and social practices different from the ones you are familiar with. The possibility of encountering a culture unlike your own and learning from it is one of the benefits people may decide to move to another country for.

Desire to Meet People and See Different Places Is a Reason for Moving Overseas

Some people search worldwide to try to find some of the friendliest countries in the world so they can make new and interesting personal connections. But moving internationally can have even more advantages. One of the biggest pros for relocating to some of the best cities to live in Europe is not being bound to just one place, city, or even country – there is always a possibility to meet new friends and explore cultures all across the Old Continent! You would just need to hire an overseas shipping company, ship your vehicle, and go on a road trip.

On top of everything, connecting with other expats as well as keeping in touch with friends won’t be complicated by using platforms like Expatica or various social media. Even when they move to a different continent, expats don’t have to feel lonely.

6.  Leaving the House Is an Opportunity for Personal Growth

Many see a chance to change their lifestyle and test their limits in relocating abroad. Adapting to your own space can be hard even when relocating a few blocks away from your old house. Relocating across the world is many times harder, and it will challenge you to build your independence in a short period of time.

Relocation Is Excellent for Those Who Want to Build Self-Reliance

With safety nets gone and their houses a few time zones away, many of us relocate so they can learn to rely on themselves. Every relocation forces you to leave your comfort zone, but with relocating overseas, you will be miles away from it. Being the only person you can lean on, even if just in the beginning, allows you to improve yourself in various aspects.

Nothing Will Expand One’s Horizons Like Living in a Foreign City

Foreign culture and different people than your usual social circle will push you to see things from a different perspective, which will undoubtedly result in becoming more open-minded and accepting. Some persons relocate to be closer to those who share their opinions, preferences, and lifestyles. However, even they have something to learn from the culture that essentially is not their own.

7.  Retirement Abroad as a Gift After the End of Working Life

Some elders are tired of having the same old life in the same old place and will gladly uproot their lives by relocating abroad after all those long years of working. There are so many good places to retire in Europe, but also South America or Asia. They can choose to spend the rest of their time in a nice house, beautiful scenery, and peaceful environments or by exploring and learning more even in old age.

Give Yourself a Chance for a New Beginning

When asked why you want to relocate, the best answer would be a chance to reinvent yourself. Your reason to move can be a combination of the motives we listed above, but all of them have the same final goal – you’ll get a chance for a fresh start. No matter the age, relationship, or social status, relocating abroad will give you the opportunity to explore the world while exploring yourself.

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