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Welcome to the most prominent and prosperous country in the world! Learn everything about living arrangements, citizenship regulations, and overall lifestyle in this part of Scandinavia before you start moving to Finland.

This Nordic beauty is located in Northern Europe, sharing its borders with Norway, Sweden, and Russia. People boast about its high-quality life, amazing healthcare and education system, as well as beautiful natural landscapes like you’ve never seen before.

Helsinki in the evening.
Take your time and explore this amazing country.

Moving to Finland – Get a Permit or Become One Of Its Citizens

When relocating abroad, you need to handle some basic documentation. More specifically, if your stay is up to 90 days, then you have to apply for a visa. Anything longer than that, you need a resident permit. There are three types of permits:

Can I Move to Finland? Work on Your Residence Permit

You’re probably thinking – Is it difficult to immigrate to Finland? Well, there are many types of permits you can apply for. It basically depends on your main reason for relocation. You can get a permit if:

  • You’re a student
  • You have a Finnish family member
  • You already work here as a specialist, researcher, athlete, or a self-employed person
  • You seek asylum
  • You’re a victim of human trafficking
  • You’re seeking remigration – you have to prove you’re descent of a Finnish citizen or you were a Finnish citizen
  • If none of the above acquires to you, you can seek a permit “based on other grounds.”

Other than remigration, you have to prove that you can financially support yourself during your stay in Finland. Feel free to ask the Finnish Immigration Service any further questions you may have before you apply for a permit.

How to Become a Citizen

In order to become a Finnish citizen, there are certain criteria you have to meet. The criteria include:

  • You have to be an adult (in Europe that means 18 or older)
  • You have to have some proof of identification
  • You need to speak either Finnish or Swedish language (since both languages are official) on a satisfactory level
  • You have to live in Finland for at least five years without interruption (vacations are allowed) or for seven years, but with a continuous residency for the last two years
  • You have to have a clean record (no major crimes)
  • You have paid all your debts, and you can financially support yourself

Some cases may vary, so it’s always for the best you check with the Finnish Immigration Service. If you are eligible, just apply for citizenship on time.

Visa application and a passport.
If you're going to stay up to 90 days, then you can just apply for a visa.

Is It Expensive to Live in Finland? Learn Everything About Expenses

The official currency is euro, and the cost of living here is regarded to be higher than the European average. Around 800 euros a month is enough for you to live alone comfortably anywhere (that’s about 950 dollars), except in the capital, Helsinki.

Food and beverages are about 20% higher than average, and alcoholic drinks are even more expensive. When it comes to housing, you can rent or own a home, or even explore some middle options. The costs vary so much that it’s for the best if you check some options and consult with a real estate expert, especially if you want a life in the city.

Job Opportunities for You to Try

You can go to Jobs in Finland and explore options based on your degree and capabilities so that working in Europe as an American won’t be that hard for you. For work that requires communication with customers, you’ll need to speak the language. You can always read some tips for learning a new language. Other than that, you’ll be okay with your native English.

Glass jar filled with coins on a wooden desk.
Finland is a bit pricier than most European countries.

Things You Should Expect When Living in Finland

Before you hire international moving services and even a storage unit, get to know the place. For instance, did you know that Finland is the number one country in the world when it comes to coffee consumption? Or that it’s covered in forests and lakes. Like a lot. The people here like silence more than anything and are very punctual.

Healthcare and Education for the Entire Family

Finnish healthcare and education systems are often referred to as among the best in the world. For residents, education is completely free, which is perfect if you’re moving with kids. But if you’re relocating as a student here, you’ll have to pay tuition fees that can vary between 3,350 and 15,000 dollars per year.

When it comes to healthcare, if you have a residence permit, you’re eligible for public health services. Even if you don’t have a permit, you’ll receive public healthcare in a state of emergency. Be sure to read all the details regarding Health services in Finland.

Transportation Methods You’ll Surely Like

Public transport works perfectly here, especially if you opt for a life in the bigger cities. People here use their monthly ticket to go by bus, train, metro, ferry, or even public bicycles. But if you’re more into driving your own car, you can book car shipping services and ship your vehicle. Remember to change your driver’s license when you relocate.

Nurse in front of a patient.
Be sure that you and your family apply for public healthcare once you relocate.

Make a Checklist of Activities

The country is perfect for nature lovers and outdoor enthusiasts. You and your family can go hiking, skiing, swimming, camping in the wilderness while watching Northern Lights, or even dig for amethyst in a local mine. There is so much to do and visit here, so you’ll never be bored at home.

Plan a Road Trip Through Finland

Take your time and explore your new home while you’re there. It’s a unique experience that you’ll remember for the rest of your life. Let the movers handle everything with their packing services, while you make a thorough plan of all the things you want to see and do in this Nordic heaven.

Woods and Northern Lights.
When in Scandinavia, you have to see the mesmerizing Northern Lights.

Helsinki – the Amazing Capital

The capital rests on a peninsula and is home to about 1,300,000 people. The city is rich with culture and sports and was even the host of the Summer Olympic games back in 1952. If you’re a city person that loves to be among people and culture, Helsinki is the best place to live in. But if you and your family want a more quiet life, be sure to check neighborhoods out of the capital.

Summer Activities You Can Do in Helsinki

There’s so much you can do and enjoy in Helsinki. It truly is an amazing city filled with beautiful architecture and fun activities. You can even work on your Finnish here. Be sure to watch this video of the top 10 things to do in Helsinki.

Make Your Transition Enjoyable

If you’re wondering – Is Finland a good place to live? – the answer is yes! But remember that moving abroad and shipping overseas can be a real challenge. So why not hire a reliable international moving company to help you with the transition and ease the moving stress? Concentrate on the idea of living in one of the best countries in the world, while movers do the hard work for you. Get a free quote and start your relocation today!

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