A Moving Out for the First Time Checklist – A Beginner’s Guide to Leaving the Nest

Posted Moving Tips and Tricks / April 9, 2022
Julie Grace

Originally from The Golden City, Julie has explored the ins and outs of moving and has written all the tips down.

How do I cope with moving out for the first time? It is certainly a daunting task, especially when moving internationally, since you’re going to invest a lot of effort. But look at it from this point of view – moving overseas will be a true test of your character. Self-reliability, confidence, and determination will have to be shown, and at the end of this journey, you will come out as a mature person.

When Moving Out for the First Time, It Is Important to Prepare Yourself

Moving out on your own for the first time is certainly a frightening experience at first. However, patience and preparation are the key to reducing the inevitable relocating stress. Nothing should be rushed, and being equipped with the right knowledge about this issue is invaluable. So, we’ll discuss the following points:

You are not the first person that is relocating across the world, and it is best to take advantage of this fact. There is no better source of information than past experiences and tips in this article are taken from people who have already moved to another country.

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Always Do the Research on the Location That You Are Interested In

When relocating abroad, it is important to be informed about that particular country as much as you can. Luckily, we have the internet at our disposal, and whether you are relocating to Germany or thinking about settling in Portugal, information is always available online.

Don’t be lazy. You can find a lot of blogs and reviews about any location on the internet. But there are also more specialized websites like Numbeo, for example. Here, you can find out about the cost of living in different countries. Finally, the best way to acquire information is to contact expat communities. People will happily share their experiences.

Don’t Leave Everything for the Moving Day

People tend to treat preparation irresponsibly, thinking that everything can be done along the way. But, it is not so. There will be numerous things that you will have to address at the same time. And, it can be quite difficult if you have not started preparing on time. So, issues like what to keep and what documents are needed to travel abroad should be dealt with long before the actual relocation.

You’re Going to Have to Find a Suitable Apartment

The internet will, here again, be your best friend. There are a lot of good websites where landlords advertise their properties. But, be careful and always try to have at least a few options once you have moved overseas. The possibility of false advertisement is always present, and it can happen that the apartment is not the same as it is presented in the pictures.

Also, a great idea is to find online newspapers in English from that particular country. There is bound to be a section dedicated to renting apartments. Still, when choosing an apartment in a foreign country, it is probably best to try to reach the expat community. Personal recommendations are always the most reliable information that you can get.

You Have to Organize Your “Moving Out on Your Own for the First Time” Budget

You will probably ask yourself the following question: How much money should you have when you first move out? Well, there are a few things to consider before reaching the final answer. Let us see what the most important factors are:

  • Rent will certainly affect your budget the most. So, when choosing an apartment, always look for something that you will feel comfortable paying for. It may happen that you cannot find an affordable apartment that is as spacious and comfortable as your old place. But do not let that discourage you. The smartest thing to do is to find something modest in the beginning. Later you can explore other options once you have settled completely.
  • The cost of living is the next most important thing to consider. When starting a life in another country, you will want to be in a comfortable financial situation once you have paid all the bills and taxes. Paying your utilities and then barely making ends meet for the rest of the month is not the way you want to live overseas. Therefore, we cannot stress this enough – do your research!
  • You have to know how much the relocation will cost. Regardless of what will be included in your relocation checklist, shipping overseas and storage services are inevitable. You will also have to make a decision whether you will arrange everything alone or hire a qualified overseas shipping service. This will all affect the relocation expenses, and everything has to be considered, especially if relocating on a low budget.

Whether You Will Live Alone or With Someone Else Will Impact Your Budget Tremendously

It is true that having a roommate will lower monthly expenses by a considerable margin. However, when making a decision about this, you have to examine all aspects of your life that can be affected by this. Living with a roommate is not always the best option, especially if you have desired to start an independent life. Often, it is better to rent a smaller apartment but have the space only for yourself.

Relocating Abroad Often Entails Many Exciting Job Opportunities

Many people relocate overseas because of exciting career prospects. Often it happens that a company offers a position abroad. So, if you are in such a situation, there is nothing much to worry about. But if you are relocating without a job, start looking for one as soon as you have decided to relocate.

As with apartments, the main source of information will be the internet. Look for ads, and do not hesitate to contact the employers and ask them any questions that might interest you. It is always best to have a few options available, do not fix yourself only on one. And finally, if you are in a situation where you cannot find employment in your area of expertise, look for bridge jobs. It will be only temporary. An opportunity will certainly arise. Here is a useful video on how to find a job abroad.

Decide Which Household Possessions You Will Relocate

When relocating, it is always best to transfer your household belongings to a new location. However, you will have to decide what you truly need. Above all, transferring unnecessary items will increase your relocation costs. Keep in mind that relocating equipment will be required for each and every item. So, decluttering will also save money on packing materials.

Try to Sell Your Stuff (and if You Cannot, a Donation Is Always a Possibility)

A garage sale is a great idea in this situation. Additional cash is always welcome when relocating abroad. However, garage sales are not always successful, and they do require effort to organize. Therefore, if this feels too overwhelming, you can always donate stuff that is still in decent condition.

Hiring an International Moving Company Is Always a Wise Decision in This Situation

You will certainly want to move your possessions efficiently, and there is no better way to do that than by hiring professional movers. When relocating overseas, your possessions will have to traverse a long distance, and different types of items require different packing methods. It is not the same whether you are packing fragile items or pieces of furniture. Nevertheless, it is necessary to properly pack your belongings and secure them for transport.

With professional packing services, you will not have to worry about these issues. Qualified movers will provide all the necessary packing equipment and adequately secure your possessions for overseas transportation. Therefore, if you have the means, always consider hiring international movers.

You Will Not Want to Relocate Without Your Vehicle

Shipping your car overseas is another issue that you will have to deal with. Here professional movers can help tremendously. When hiring an overseas moving company, you will have the option to purchase an overseas vehicle shipping service. It will cost additionally but is well worth it as you will not have to worry about the safety of your vehicle during transportation.

The Biggest Challenge That You Will Have to Face Is Psychological

Relocating overseas is a tough decision to make. You have to come to terms with the fact that your friends and family will not be by your side anymore. However, staying in touch with your loved ones is a great thing to do in the beginning. There will be a lot of relocation anxiety once you find yourself in a completely unknown environment and among unfamiliar people. Having a conversation with an old friend can bring you much comfort, and nowadays, we can easily communicate using social media.

Make Your Apartment Feel Like Home

There are many useful tips to be found on how to arrange your apartment. The place can be smaller than your original home, but you can find advice from professional interior designers on the internet. Also, it is always a good idea to bring possessions that have sentimental value. Whether it is a book, a musical instrument, or an armchair, it does not matter. Prized possessions can bring much comfort.

You Have to Embrace the Cultural Differences

Culture shock is inevitable if you are relocating to another country. You will certainly need to break the language barrier first. So, it is not a bad idea to start learning a new language before the relocation. But, there will also be a lot of educational facilities and organizations at your new destination that can help you with this. Finally, make use of the internet here as well. Read blogs, watch documentaries, anything that can give you some information about the culture is useful.

Be Active, Explore the Area and Meet Different People

It is important not to isolate yourself. We understand that there are more introverted individuals, but you have to make an effort in order to establish friendships. Meeting your neighbors is a great way to start socializing. Moreover, you will be able to learn a lot from them, like where is the most affordable supermarket or where are the nearest laundry services.

Do not forget about your personal interests. If you were practicing some sport or were a member of a book club in your hometown, there is no reason not to continue doing what you like. There are bound to be groups and organizations that share the same interests, and hobbies are often the best way to meet different people and establish relationships.

Relocating Abroad Is a Wonderful Experience

We understand how emotionally difficult this situation can be. But you have to show fortitude. Once you have gone through this process, it will all be well worth it. There are many beautiful reasons to move and many beautiful places to choose from. Therefore, gather all the help that you can find and embark on this journey that has the potential to completely change your life.

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