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4 essential questions to ask when deciding what to keep when making an international move

If you are ready to make an international move, it might be best to bone up on the best methods involved with moving long distances. Finding a moving company with the most friendly and effective relocation services is a top priority.

Packing essentials: what to keep

Once you have decided on the right moving company, you must search through your belongings to determine which of your items you want keep. If you have ever taken part in a long distance move, you probably already know that the fewer things you ship, the easier it will be.

Remaining lean with your belonging during an international move can also help you financially. Some international shipping services will hinge their price on the size of the load they carry for the customer.

You might find that it is more beneficial to get rid of, sell, trade, donate, or throw away — of many of your non-essential possessions. These are items you could simply purchase when getting settled in your new location.

The hard part in all of this is determining what is essential and what is not. If you have a difficult time gauging this concept, you might end up shipping far too many items when moving internationally.

Here are the 4 essential questions to ask when deciding what to leave behind when making an international move.

1. Do I need it?

When moving internationally, you cannot afford to pay a moving company to haul around stuff you do not need. That’s why your necessities should get top priority. These include your kitchen appliances, dishes, clothes, bedding, furniture, and toiletries.

2. Do I use it?

No one lives with only the things they need. We enjoy plenty of luxuries and use them on a daily basis. When moving to a new home, it is essential to keep the items you actually use, particularly if they are large. Items that are included in this category would be things like entertainment systems, video gaming consoles, CD/DVD/Record collections, books, art and décor items.

3. Does it earn money for me?

A lot of men and women have honed a skill or craft to make money. You might be an entrepreneur that works at home, or simply someone that has parlayed a hobby into a money making venture. You should most certainly keep whatever things you use to generate this income and include them in your load. These items might include your special computer software or equipment, arts, and crafts materials and any special tools or machinery.

4. The general rule of thumb

A general rule of thumb states that, if you do not remember using an item in the last year or so, you will not miss it at all. The most difficult aspect is rising above the emotional attachment to your things to make your long distance move an efficient one. For more information, most moving companies have representatives that are trained in answering these questions.

Have these 4 essential questions to ask when deciding what to leave behind when making an international move helped you cut down your load just to the essentials. Do you have any questions about international shipping and moving? Our professional team of international shipping experts at Sunset Moving want to help you with your move. Contact us, and we will speedily help you along in any way that we can.

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