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Are you thinking about changing your place of residence? Are you, perhaps, toying with the idea of moving to Dubai? If you still haven’t made the final decision, read on to learn about a couple of things that you need to know before you start packing your boxes and book a flight to this glamorous city. Even though moving to Dubai might seem like a dream come true to you at the moment, you should not forget that the relocation process alone is not that simple, so do some research before you set the moving date.

Leaving your town and moving to another country is one of the greatest decisions you might make in your life, and thus, in order to be sure you have made the right choice, you need to think about this carefully and consider all kinds of stuff before you can be sure you’re not making a great mistake instead of making a great leap forward. The most important thing is that you start planning this huge step in time so that you don’t have to rush through your relocation process. In this article, you’ll find some of the most important facts about Dubai that you need to be familiar with before you choose this city to be your new home. We hope they will come in handy and help you decide if you haven’t already.

General Information about Dubai

So, let’s start with some general information. Not only is Dubai the largest city in the United Arab Emirates (UAE), but it is also the most populous one. Located in the Persian Gulf coast, it shares the border with Abu Dhabi, the second most populous city of the UAE. As for the weather, you should not forget that Dubai has a hot desert climate that is sometimes hard to put up with, as the temperature during the hottest period of the year can rise to 41 °C. Winters are so mild that the temperature in January, the coldest month of the year, usually does not go below 24 °C.


The official language used there is Arabic, but English is widely spoken, so you shouldn’t be petrified about learning their complicated language – you don’t have to. However, you might consider learning some phrases or at least try to understand Arabic when someone else is speaking, as that way you will find it much easier to fit in. But, again, if you find it too difficult to understand anything, with English being used as a second language there, you’ll be just fine even if you didn’t manage to remember a single word in Arabic.


The most important thing that you need to think about when moving to any country is to ensure all the necessary documentation. Residency requirements can be somewhat different depending on where you want to move. When moving to Dubai, you have to have birth/marriage certificate, obtain residency visa, bring driver’s license, as well as education qualifications.

Cost of Living

When it comes to the cost of living there, you should know that it is rather high. More precisely, in 2012, Dubai was ranked as the 22nd most expensive city in the world, while it is the most expensive one in the Middle East. Bearing in mind the fact that UAE is a tax-free country, many people jump to the conclusion that it’s easy to afford to live in Dubai, but that’s not the case. The two things that are the most expensive ones for most expats are house/apartment rents and private schools (in case you are moving there with your family and you have children). In addition to this, you should also think about health insurance, as obtaining it can also require you to pay more than you have expected.

Code of Conduct

Finally, if you are moving anywhere in UAE, in this case to Dubai, you need to learn something about the code of conduct before you start living there. This is particularly important when moving to any country of the Muslim world, as they have some rather strict rules you are expected to obey, or otherwise you might end up insulting someone without even realizing that. When it comes to Dubai, some people even recommend to only visit the city and spend a couple of months there before you actually decide to move. Some of the basic rules of conduct include the following:

  • Dress code – You should always remember that Emirates dress rather conservatively so, once you move there, you should do the same. Your clothes should always be of appropriate length so as not to reveal too much of your body. Don’t be surprised if they ask you to leave a shopping mall if you don’t dress appropriately. There are even signs which remind you of this rule.
  • Drinking in public – Don’t do it! Even though Dubai is one of the most liberal places in the Muslim world, you should never consume alcohol in public. You can do it at home, but you need to have a license.
  • Dancing in public – Again, don’t do it! Dancing in public is considered provocative and indecent, especially if you are a woman.
  • Taking photographs – Even though you might be tempted to take a photo of local people in their national attire, don’t ever do it without previously asking permission.
  • Showing affection in public – This is another important DON’T in Dubai. It is simply considered indecent and you might get into serious trouble if you don’t respect this rule.
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