Pros and Cons of Moving to a Big City

Posted Moving Abroad / April 18, 2022
Madison Rogers

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It is estimated that almost 70 percent of the world population will live in urban areas by 2050. The charm of the big cities attracts individuals from all different walks of life. Moving to a big city has become the primary goal for the majority of people because large metropolitan areas are economic and cultural centers. Now, we want to share the pros and cons of an urban lifestyle.

As you are preparing all of the documents needed to travel abroad and searching for the best international moving company, you also have to plan a move to another country. If you want to relocate to some of the best places for living abroad, you might have to prepare yourself for the transition from a small town to a large metropolitan area. If you want to avoid relocation stress as well as successfully relocate across the world, you should follow our advice. Let’s dive into some of the reasons to live in a big city.

Moving to a Big City Means Better Employment Opportunities

Cities are densely populated and always bustling with some kind of activity. When moving abroad, you have to set your priorities straight and decide what are your reasons to move. If you require a well-paid job or excellent educational opportunities, you will be satisfied with what large towns across the globe can offer.

If you haven’t secured a worthwhile job before your relocation, you don’t have to worry about a thing. A large percentage of people move to urban areas because of better employment opportunities. There are various types of industries, and you will find job advertisements every day, whether online, in the newspapers, or through recommendations. You will get a better chance at building a successful career and getting jobs that pay well.

The Competition May Be Fierce But Don’t Give Up

Make sure that you prepare and update your resume so you can visit career fairs and apply for suitable jobs. However, you should expect that there are a lot of individuals applying for the same job listing. The job market can be tough, and you might end up applying for jobs for a longer period of time. Don’t get intimidated and discouraged because with the right resume and appropriate answers and questions for the employer, you will soon get a chance to be employed.

Various Types of Transportation Systems Are Available

Large metropolitan areas are always well connected. The whole area is linked with different roads and a good highway network. Getting into and out of the downtown won’t be a problem if you have a vehicle. Also, you can drive anywhere if you have some unexpected errands to run. You should consider hiring professional movers and investing in overseas vehicle shipping. If you have your car by your side, you will be able to drive wherever you like and adjust to the new country very quickly.

If you are not a driver, you will be glad to know that there are also subways and trains for people to quickly and effortlessly get around the area. If you are interested in traveling, you will find at least one international airport in major cities. That means there won’t be any problems traveling whenever you want to.

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People Always Get Stuck in Traffic Jams

Since there is a higher population in the area, the streets can get clogged very often. Traffic jams may occur when workers start pouring into the business center for their jobs and then again after working hours. This can make driving your vehicle wherever you’d like difficult, so you will have to opt for public transportation, which (at least in theory) follows a strict timetable. Also, owning a vehicle is expensive, and it comes with additional costs. It is necessary to pay taxes, license, insurance, registration fees, and so on.

Cities Host Plenty of Cultural Events

Cultural events in urban areas have always attracted visitors and investments. In order to improve urban development, a metropolis annually host different local and global cultural events. There are, too, a lot of small cultural events such as film festivals and musical competitions you can visit and explore. However, the major international events draw in more individuals worldwide. You will be able to attend major sporting events like various tennis tournaments or the Olympics and some popular music festivals.

Living overseas and getting an opportunity to enjoy some of the world’s most famous cultural events seems like a dream come true, and it makes life in the big city seem outstanding. Don’t hesitate to call your overseas shipping company if you are ready to live this urban lifestyle.

Cities Are Ethnically and Racially Diverse

Metropolitan areas are getting bigger every day. There are various cultures and ethnicities that leave their home countries and try their luck somewhere else. Each person brings their tradition and culture, so metropoles become huge melting pots where you can meet new and interesting people. At first, it might cause you to experience culture shock, but as soon as you try different exotic cuisines and restaurants, you will see the beauty of diversity in large urban areas.

You might be able to meet expat communities and multilingual people who could help you get a different worldview and make you excited to learn a new language. Delicious food, festivals, and foreign languages make the area vibrant and lively, which is a great reason to live in an urban area instead of a rural area.

Cost of Living is Higher

When moving overseas, you should remember that the expenses in urban areas are much higher than in suburbs and rural areas. You will have to have enough money to pay for housing, utilities, health care, and groceries. The key to successfully relocating to large metropolitan areas is to create a budget that can sustain your whole family. This means that you could prepare for your expenditures even before your move. Research the cost of living in the town you’ll be relocating to by visiting Numbeo, for example. Compare the cost with that of your area so you can prepare adequately.

There Are Plenty of New Areas to Explore

For some, arriving in an urban area may be overwhelming. There are numerous unfamiliar faces and completely different neighborhoods. Still, you will find it interesting that there is always a place you haven’t visited before. There is a chance to visit parks, galleries, and museums where you can see significant pieces of art. If you want to spend the night out, there are plenty of nightlife opportunities, too. You could visit various types of clubs and restaurants. Some are cheap, but there are also luxurious and more expensive ones. Various food stands and diners could be found downtown, so you can take your pick when going for a night out.

Crime Rates Are Much Higher

It is considered that in large metropolitan areas, crime rates are much higher than in rural parts. It should be emphasized that not every town has high crime rates, but it is evident that there are more instances of vandalism, thefts, and burglaries in densely populated areas. However, if there is a higher risk that your car could get stolen, there is a chance of getting better car insurance. Towns are always improving their safety protocols and are trying to make the streets safer for pedestrians and vehicles so residents don’t have to look over their shoulders when they go out.

New Smart Tech is Used to Ensure Public Security

Crime rates have been a problem for some time in urban areas, but with the advent of smart technology, the issue has become manageable. The goal for a lot of metropolitan areas is to create smart cities where the police would have a number of interconnected devices, cloud storage systems, and software that would make it easier for private and public services to find the best way to work together. Governments will have access to cutting-edge devices that will decrease high crime rates. This should ensure that the whole town becomes more secure and peaceful.

What Should You Know When Relocating With Kids?

If you are relocating with kids, there are some striking differences between the rural and urban lifestyles you should look out for. Before deciding what to pack when relocating and creating a moving abroad checklist, pay attention to the following:

  • Cost of childcare,
  • Schooling,
  • Parental tasks such as grocery shopping and laundry,
  • Children getting used to different upbringings, religions, and ethnicities.

If you’ve doubted whether or not you should relocate to an urban area with your child, consider some of the pros and cons that might impact your child’s upbringing in a metropolitan area. Here is a video on everything you need to know when relocating with a child.

There are Benefits of City Schooling

Young children will most certainly go to school with pupils from various backgrounds and neighborhoods. They will have to get accustomed to different types of upbringings very early on. It is considered that children who attend schools with different ethnicities are better at problem-solving and critical thinking. Also, schools in the metropolitan area are very competitive, and children can choose to attend private, public, magnet, and charter schools that are usually within walking distance from their homes.

The Cost of Childcare is Really High

Both parents are usually employed and work long hours. This creates a problem because some children need to be watched and taken care of after school. Full-time daycares and babysitters are more expensive when residing in a metropolis. Also, if you require a sitter with an excellent command of the second language or First Aid certification or CPR, you will have to pay more for their services.

How to Move to a Big City Alone?

If you’re venturing out into the unknown alone, you should prepare for some unexpected situations and difficulties. The key to relocating efficiently is always to be prepared for all the advantages and drawbacks of the area you want to relocate to. When you start packing and deciding what to keep and what to leave behind, don’t forget to research some of the basic information about the town you plan to live in.

Prepare For Unexpected Costs

Since the costs in urban areas are much higher than in rural areas, you should consider evaluating your finances and opening a savings account before the move. If you start budgeting on time, you won’t have to worry about unexpected expenses that no one can foresee until they start living in a certain area. There should also be an emergency fund if it takes you a longer period of time to secure employment with a good enough salary and benefits.

Try to Be Social

Densely populated areas are full of multilingual and interesting individuals from all over the world. Finding a place to live alone in a foreign country can be tough for anyone. You should give yourself personal time and space to explore all the possibilities of a new country. It is true that you should find a way to keep in touch with friends from your home country, but it is of the utmost importance to meet new friends and acquaintances that will help you get accustomed to the neighborhood better. New friends could take you to cheap but good restaurants, show you where to go out and where the best shops are so you can feel more comfortable after your relocation.

Hire Professional Movers

When deciding to invest in international moving services, ensure that you schedule the most experienced team of movers for your relocation. Relocating from a small place can get stressful and tiring, so bear in mind that packing properly and keeping your things safe and protected is your top priority. If there are any problems with the move or if you run into any difficulties, your relocation company may be able to answer any questions you might have.

It would be best to decide what you’ll be shipping overseas and what can be packed by the movers so that all of your belongings arrive at your home intact. With professional movers, you will feel more at ease about your move.

You’re Ready to Feel What the Life in the Big City Is Like

Many newcomers get surprised by how fast-paced and vibrant life in an urban area is. There are many job opportunities, but the competition is fierce and intense. You will have a chance to earn a higher salary, even though living expenses are higher. In conclusion, it should be emphasized that even though there are some drawbacks of relocating to a metropolis, on average, individuals who live in urban areas are happier than those in rural areas.

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