How to Move to a New City Effortlessly

Posted How-to / May 18, 2022
Gemma Collins

Gemma is an NJ local that has explored all the US states, making her the perfect person to write about moving.

Relocating is exciting when you know what you’re doing. Otherwise, it’s an emotional, doubt-filled mess. Well, guess what? The real truth is that nobody really knows what they’re doing; some are just better at hiding it. If you’re not that person, here’s how to move to a new city effortlessly.

How do you move to a new city? With lots of planning. You should visit and research your destination, save money, choose what to pack, and book movers. After relocating, it’s vital to keep the reasons for being there in your mind. It’s simple and complex, but we’ll go through the steps together.

Learn How to Move to a New City and Have an Awesome Life

Say you’ve been unhappy for a while, maybe feeling a bit stagnant or dissatisfied with the living standards in your area. A person can only handle such feelings for some time before the main question of how do I move to a new city pops up in their head.

If you check all these marks and want a change ASAP, there’s good and bad news. The bad news is that the change comes gradually and with lots of planning, but the good part is it’s all manageable. After all, relocating across the world is one of the toughest things a person could do.

Gathering relocation essentials, from information about documents and visa requirements to hiring international relocation services, is part of the relocation process. One can’t go without the other, so try not to skip any steps.

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Start by Learning More About Yourself and What You Enjoy

The first step of learning how to move out is listing your reasons for moving. Find a notebook, create two columns, one for ‘pros’ and one for ‘cons,’ and list why you should or shouldn’t move. Discover more about yourself and what motivates you before crafting an elaborate relocation to-do list – doing this will make every step after that easier.

Be careful, though, as learning about ourselves can be a double-edged sword – you don’t always know where the process starts or ends. Once you see the pros outweigh the cons, the rest of the process can begin.

The man in the video below moved alone and left his comfort zone for some much-needed change. He explains how he dealt with the mental and physical aspects of relocation, and that’s something you could rely on as tips.

Before Relocating – Research Your Potential Home Through Excursions and Tours

Some places have a coronavirus guide for expats since they’re still trying to reduce the circulation of the virus that’s plagued the globe for two years now. If that’s not something you can respect or deal with, you should look for another place. Doing your best to learn about this and many other aspects of your destination is crucial for relocating.

You’d think people wouldn’t make this relocation mistake, but many move without even researching the area. They think they’ll be fine wherever they land and that some things can’t be planned, which is true in many ways. However, if you want to move effortlessly, you’ll have to know your destination well – at least the basics.

Here’s what to look up about your area before relocating there:

  • How close is it to your future office?
  • Which transportation routes and options do you have?
  • Does the rent fit your budget?
  • If you’re relocating with your family, will they have easy access to the places they need (like kids going to school, your partner going to their office, or if you can walk your dog nearby during leisure hours)?
  • Are there amenities like grocery stores and pharmacies nearby?
  • How well-rated is the neighborhood in terms of attractiveness, safety, and housing quality?
  • Is there parking, and what’s the primary mode of transportation there? You may not fare well if you get car shipping services, so learn more about this.

Take a Trip With Friends and Find a Good Home to Settle

Learning the best places to move abroad will only come from going there and discovering them. Of course, you do not need to visit every town you’re interested in, but having a foundation for your reasoning will make it easier to decide where to go.

Take a friend’s hand, go on a trip together and discuss the benefits of relocating to that particular place together. Their advice will be realistic (ask them for that!) and might give you information that you’ve overlooked.

Determine Your Budget – Will It Be Enough to Keep You Afloat?

Living overseas isn’t a walk in the park, especially if you plan to settle on your own. Everyone wants to move on a low budget and feel like they’ve tricked the system, but it isn’t always possible.

It’s a great way of thinking, though, and if you firmly believe great opportunities can be found even with limited resources, you’ll find happiness in small things. Staying realistic is your best shot. Make exceptions where you must and give yourself time.

Moving to a New City Isn’t Just Romantic. It Requires Some Planning, Too

For example, you should put the budget first when relocating with kids. A lot more has to be done for life to be comfortable in that situation, and there’s rarely room for mistakes when it comes to the little ones. Think of their safety, school proximity, and comfort in the apartment.

Will your kids have separate rooms or sleep together? Will it be very crowded if you opt for a smaller home? Can your budget accommodate bigger spaces?

If you don’t have kids, these questions won’t exist, but others will arise – do you have to live alone? Do you need an extra bedroom for potential visitors? And will it kill you to live further from the city center if that means more affordable housing?

You can romanticize this trip all you like; it’s your trip, after all. But maybe do that after taking care of the basics, like where you’ll live and what you’ll be doing there.

Look Up Roommate Websites to Find a Suitable Apartment

We’ve come to the point you may not have wanted to mention when relocating abroad alone – roommates. Yes, it’s way cooler settling in independently, discovering the new world in your own freedom and time, but it’ll be quite a challenging lifestyle to sustain.

If you want to move efficiently, you can look up the best roommate finding websites and choose one of the routes. Perhaps you already know someone at your destination – ask them for a recommendation if they’re not looking for a living partner themselves.

Doing this will open up more opportunities for you; you might reside in a much nicer apartment than what you’d get on your own, share expenses, and get a jumpstart on making friends.

Plan the Move by Looking for a Job and Visa Requirements

Moving overseas for love and work are two of the most common reasons for relocating. These are, coincidentally, the best options a person might have for getting the proper documents for moving abroad.

Not to say you couldn’t move for other reasons, but you’ll most likely get permissions and paperwork easier if work is involved. That’s why shipping overseas for an incredible job opportunity will never be wrong (though that depends on the job).

It’d be best to apply for work while still at your old home. Again, you can also look up some job searching websites for expats and dive deep into the system. Just don’t fall in too deep – sometimes the most obvious things are a perfect choice.

Call an Overseas Moving Company to Help You Move Out

Relocating abroad also entails finding the right overseas shipping company to handle your belongings. The chances of you having a shipping freight in the garage are incredibly slim (although crazy things happen often,) so contacting a professional international moving company will generally be a much better idea.

Expert movers can advise you on important things, such as what to pack for relocating abroad and how to ship a car overseas safely. With their packing services, guidance, and expertise, the hardest part of the move will become the easiest.

And why should you suffer? If you want to tell your grandchildren the stories of hardship, you can say you came to this country without using an overseas shipping company. That will surely impress them, but it just won’t be practical.

Don’t fool yourself – without professional storage services or a relocation insurance policy, you won’t stand a chance. Vet all the companies that send you a quote, ensure they’re registered at the FMCSA website and have a USDOT number, and don’t fall for the lowest bid. These are the three key rules for booking professional movers.

After the Move – Make Friends by Saying Yes to Opportunities

OK, you went through the hard part and settled in, so what now? Many people would say – nothing, enjoy your life. Those people think it’s enough just to have a roof over their heads and be grateful, which is a great way of living, but it often isn’t what makes the cut for others.

Maybe you haven’t anticipated adjusting would be this difficult. You’re having trouble keeping in touch with friends and family and consistently going through a culture shock of being in a different location.

These things are normal but can be highly distracting in your day-to-day. So, to beat the blues and get over yourself, why not say yes to everything that interests you? If you see a local gym or group fitness class being advertised, what would be the harm in joining it?

The same goes for pursuing skill classes, going to the farmers’ market, or adopting a dog and walking in the park with your furry friend every day. Taking all these chances will bring you closer to making friends and blending in.

Join Local Expat Communities and Organized Groups

Learning how to live in another country can come from expat communities. Join one that you like and mingle with people that are experiencing the same you at the moment – blending in. There, you’ll have the freedom to vent about problems and some local customs.

Likely, everyone will understand your troubles and be there to help with whatever you need. People in expat groups also have the scoop on better work opportunities and growth. Who knows, one of them may be a future colleague or even a spouse.

The point is, you won’t know this if you do not take chances and join groups where you feel you might belong. Learn your limits and be careful, but do not let self-doubt and fear stop you from doing fun things – you moved across the world, after all.

Give Yourself Time to Get Used to Everything

By now, you probably understand that you can’t move without experiencing some relocation stress. Despite what someone says, it isn’t possible to stay completely calm. Some folks are just better at hiding the nerves.

What you need is a checklist for moving internationally that could contain points like “take a day off” or “explore the town without worrying about where to go next.” These can make a huge difference. Another point you could add to the list is “take time” since it’s tough to be one with the place as soon as you land. You will enjoy it soon enough, and life at this home will be easier each day.

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