All the Moving Essentials in One Place – What You Can’t Relocate Without

Posted Moving Tips and Tricks / April 14, 2022
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You are preparing for a big move in the coming months, and you are wondering what you need to pack.  If you are relocating for the first time, you have to plan your move carefully. This means you have to create a checklist of all the moving essentials you cannot leave without. There is nothing more stressful than losing or forgetting some of the most valuable items you have. That is why we are here to provide you with some helpful advice for packing all the necessary things from your home.

You’ve already contacted the overseas moving company and set a date for your relocation. However, you didn’t manage to sit down and write the moving abroad checklist. If you want to avoid relocation stress, you should plan ahead so you don’t make mistakes. Start by answering a question – what do people need when they are moving? You’ll have to think about your documents, easy-to-carry meals, and cleaning products. Take a quick scan of your home and create a list of everything you cannot leave without or misplace.

Without a Moving Essentials Checklist, Your Relocation Will Be Absolutely Chaotic

If you are moving internationally, you don’t have time to lose your crucial belongings. You don’t want to find yourself in a nightmare scenario where you have arrived in a foreign country without your phone or wallet, especially during a pandemic. Your day will be ruined. Settling in a new home will also be tiring if you have to rummage through your bags and boxes. All of this can add unwanted stress, leading to arguments between family members.

Whether you are relocating to Paris or trying to move to Australia, it would be best if you could prepare a moving-out essentials kit. It takes a few days, even weeks, to evaluate everything you will require for your move. Be careful not to overlook some of the most obvious things. If you don’t know where to start, you can always call your movers and get information on what you can leave to them to box up, ship, and store.

Think About COVID-19 Pandemic Essentials

Don’t forget that you will be traveling in the middle of a COVID-19 pandemic. Along with researching the best places to live abroad, you should also check for restrictions and mandates that are enforced in the location you are heading to. Coronavirus pandemic has caused a worldwide disruption; therefore, wherever you plan on going, you will require COVID-19 Travel Documents.

After gaining knowledge about what you should have in the specific location, you can pack your necessities for this situation. You will have to bring various disposable masks, hand sanitizers, and you might even have to use gloves in some spaces. If you don’t have gloves, you can bring disinfectant wipes instead.

You Need Your Documents

If you are relocating, you have to think about the key documents you cannot travel without – your passport and a visa. Also, among the most important documents is your contract with the international movers, so don’t misplace it. You must also have your moving insurance, health insurance, financial records, birth certificate, and medical records.

Also, you require identification documents. A good tip is to make copies of your documents, so you only travel with originals. You can also get more information on documents you require to travel abroad online and make a complete list. If you visit the IRS website, you can inform yourself of all the forms and receipts you must have for deducting your relocation expenses.

You Need to Think About Your Pet

You might be wondering what documents you should have if you are traveling with a pet. You should check if you have a Rabies Certificate and vaccination records. You must also provide a pet passport that is issued by your vet. In your pet’s passport, you can find the necessary medical information. You should also call the airline you’ll be flying with so you don’t forget to prepare additional documents they also require you to show.

Take Your Valuables With You

Some of your most treasured possessions might get overlooked when preparing for your new life. Don’t forget to carefully store and protect your sentimental items and valuables such as jewelry, diamonds, family photos, or centuries-old heirlooms. You should make space in your moving necessities bag for these things.

You might not be able to carry some of your valuables if you have bigger artworks and expensive furniture. In that case, you should contact your international moving company and ask for storage services. You can place your valuable items you cannot move in their hands for up to 30 days for free. Also, you can collect your belongings when you get the chance to safely transport your artwork. Still, if you don’t see a point in using storage, you might opt for shipping overseas.

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You Cannot Move Without Packing Supplies

You will have to equip yourself with the right packing supplies for when you move out and when you move into your new home. When you start boxing up your belongings, you will realize that some of the basic supplies you have to buy are box cutters, markers for labeling, boxes, duct tape, and extra-large storage bags. You must also have these on hand when you arrive in your new home too because you’ll have to unpack.

You should have some additional supplies for packing your dishes and glasses. If you buy storage containers, foam wrap sheets, and bubble wrap, you can safely pack your glasses. If you don’t have these things, you can use old paper, magazines, or newspapers in order to pack your fragile items safely. If you are not good at doing all of this yourself, you can always contact your movers. They will provide you with the best advice on what to keep when moving, what to discard, and even how to pack your knives. You can also request packing services from them if you aren’t going to do everything by yourself.

Bring a Toolkit

When you move into your home, you are going to be overwhelmed by the number of boxes and things you must unpack. You’ll have your markers and tape with you to help you, but if you need something fixed, you’ll require tools. When you are moving across the world, it might be difficult to carry tools, but you can prepare a small toolbox that you will find useful when you arrive. You can bring scissors, a multi-bit screwdriver, tape measure, furniture sliders, and a cordless electric drill. With these tools, you should be prepared for anything that needs to be repaired.

Your New Apartment Requires Kitchen Items

When you arrive in your new home, you will have to eat, so you must have your move-in essentials. A wise thing you can do is bring basic kitchen tools and utensils with you so you can prepare your food and eat after the stressful move. When moving overseas, you should bring a plate for every family member, a few coffee cups, and a couple of glasses. You can also get a frying pan, one pot, an electric kettle, and a knife.

If you plan carefully, you will be able to create a minimalist kitchen. If you are asking what should you not bring when moving, you can start with your kitchen – not every piece is necessary. It would be wise to declutter so as to move more efficiently. It will be easier for you to equip your apartment if you don’t overwhelm the space with insignificant tools and utensils.

Here’s a video on how to simplify and equip your kitchen with only the necessary things.

If You Are Moving Into an Older Home, Bring Kitchen Cleaning Supplies

You might wonder – what goes in an essentials box when moving? You have to have cleaning products wherever you go. The first day of your relocation might become a cleaning day. That is why you need to think about various cleaning products. You should be able to eat and cook in a kitchen that is not dusty or dirty, so buy things like scrubbing sponges, antibacterial cleaner spray, microfiber cloths, and a glass cleaner. If you have space, you can also bring a floor scrub brush you can assemble and disassemble.

You can also use these products to clean other things, for example, living room floors, windows, the toilet, and your belongings when you unbox them. If you are relocating on a low budget and you don’t want to spend any extra money, make sure to only bring one microfiber cloth and a multi-purpose cleaner for any surfaces you will have to clean.

Prepare an Overnight Bag

You must prepare an overnight bag and decide what you have to pack when moving abroad. Ask yourself – what are 10 items in a relocation kit? You will have to include things like phone chargers, batteries, medicines kit, your favorite music, clothes for the first day in the town, and extra cash. In your bag, you can have all of the things that go missing the most, such as house keys, wallets, and phones. Don’t overlook personal hygiene products such as shampoo, toothpaste, deodorant, and small towels.

You can also buy some easy-to-carry meals for every family member, so you don’t have to worry about food. Bring pet food and some basic pet supplies like leashes if you are traveling with your furry friend. Also, you don’t know when you will arrive, so it would be wise to pack pajamas in case you don’t have time to look through your luggage.

You Can Prepare An Extra Bag For Your Kids

Don’t forget to ask your kids what they require for the move. Before you start packing their things, discuss with them the reasons for the move and show them where you will be living overseas. In this way, they can take part in the relocation planning process and prepare for adjusting to the new country. They can share with you what their essentials for moving out are and what they want in their boxes and the overnight bag.

You will have to include their toiletries, spare clothes, pajamas, and medicine. Make sure to bring stuffed animals and toys they choose. Also, put snacks and some drinks in their bags, too. You and your family will probably have to deal with culture shock, and it would be much easier on your kids if they had their favorite belongings with them.

The Key Moving Essential is Your Relocation Company

If you hire the right movers, you won’t have any problems preparing for your relocation. They will be able to provide you with the best information if you opt for international moving by sea or if you choose international moving by air. Make sure to inform the company if you want your vehicle shipped overseas. They will provide you with advice on how you can have your car safely transported.

Also, you can get free estimates and packing advice if you contact your overseas shipping company in time. They can tell you everything you should know before your move. What is more,  they will always be there to help you with your relocation list.

With Our Checklist, You Are Prepared For Your Move

Your relocation kit will give you a head start when you move abroad, so don’t underestimate the importance of a relocation list. If you start on time, you should be able to create the best checklist of necessary items right in time for your move. Don’t forget to factor in things your children or pets might require. Also, you can lean on the movers for some advice when it might seem you don’t have a clue what you should do next. Think about your travel documents, kitchen supplies, and your overnight bag. Your move will go smoothly and efficiently with all of these things by your side.

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