All You Need to Know Before Moving to Australia

Posted Country Guides / April 29, 2021
Hannah Michaelson

Hannah is a freelance relocation writer from NYC that has become an expert on packing and unpacking.

Far away in between the Pacific and the Indian Ocean lies the world’s smallest continent and one of the largest countries. If you’re considering moving to Australia, you should know that Britain’s former outcast has had years to contemplate and is now one of the leading welfare states and global economic centres with a division into six states and two territories. You’ll be glad to learn that you’re coming to a land where professional life is valued highly, yet the beaches, deserts, rainforests and natural escapes leave room for the soul and keep those consumed by wanderlust free.

The Land Down Under or the Terra Australis as the place was called back in the day, is the least densely populated continent, as most of the interior is covered in arid regions, yet it’s still one of the world’s largest economies. That, however, wasn’t enough for the Army to win a war on emus since it was too hard to wing it and the opponent was cunning. Still, the country distinguished itself when a former PM managed to smash the world record in fast beer drinking finishing a whole yard in ten seconds. So, how do you combine all of these insane and diverse facts into one existence? Hop right on to find out.

The First Question is How to Get a Visa for Moving to Australia

The dilemma of all immigrants prior to adjusting to a new country is how to legally enter it and obtain the necessary documents. In the case of the Land on the Southern Hemisphere, the conditions vary according to the type of visa you’re after. If you were wondering what are the requirements to migrate to Australia, you should know that professional direction and security are prioritized regardless of your background. Still, getting a study visa, joining a partner, or having another reason to stay is also valid, and researching visa options on the Government’s site will help you realize what would best work for you.

Things You Should Know if You Want to Trade the Visa for Permanent Residency

If expat communities start feeling simply like communities and you wish to call the nouveau monde your homeland or the second patria, having to deal with visas is an unnecessary hassle. In AU, there are three major ways how to obtain permanent residency and those are:

  • Through family members who already hold the residency,
  • Through a work-stream permanent visa,
  • Through the investor-stream program if you can handle a business able to advance the national economy.
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What About Your Pets and Are They Eligible?

In case you’re a proud owner of a little Marley or another pet, you should be aware that this land is pretty stringent when it comes to animal policies. Perhaps it’s due to the fact that its own wildlife is 80% endemic and takes considerable efforts to be preserved. Still, if you want your friend to learn how to live in another country with you, ensure you have all the vaccinations and the health check-ups as Aussies are strict about disease prevention. You’ll need an import permit and you can learn more about it from official sources.

What Place to Choose for Your New Home?

While thinking about how to move to another country, determining whether to go urban or rural is always a dilemma. In the case of the island-continent, you won’t have an easy choice as both come with advantages and some exciting promises of the future.

Rural Living – Profit, Adventure, or Both?

If you do have aspirations to become a farmer, work on a farm, or simply experience a less urban lifestyle, there’s probably not a better location than this one. True, your friends and family will scare you with tales of Hagrid’s friend Aragog and his family meeting you in person or they’ll try with Indiana Jones, Conan, and Jungle Book at best, if their imagination isn’t rampant.

Still, don’t freak out as the state will give you considerable benefits, you won’t have to spend a sleepless night wondering what the best relocation questions to ask the employer are and you’ll have plenty of choices to see whether you’re into wrestling with the Wild or a calmer and lucrative variant of village living.

Australian Cities Also Offer Supreme Opportunities

If the idea of going pastoral or choosing between learning how to speak parseltongue or bringing a gun on your what to pack when moving abroad list doesn’t work, welcome to the debate on the best city to make a home in. Each Australian metropolis has a spirit and a life of its own and depending on your idea of a happy place, they all have something to bring to the table (from Brisbane to Sydney). Here are some of the most famous ones and their major traits:

  • Adelaide – Enjoy the escapist serenity and town life at the same time as the gem of the South may easily be one of the best places to live abroad with family. Close to some marvelous get-aways, it’s also the national foodie capital, not in the pretentious, but in the traditional sense of the word,
  • Melbourne – The flamboyant entrepreneur turned artist city is brimming with culture and people eager to ask the essential questions and if you feel you should be part of a constantly wandering crowd, you know where to go,
  • Sydney – If you always knew what you wanted, meet your soul’s twin. This giant is the emigre from all tension as it is multicultural (talk about wanting to practice breaking the language barrier in another language or even English), known for its ever-growing economy, and the favorite punct of many moving to Australia from the USA.

Take a look at the following video if you want to learn more on how to make the best decision about cities in the Land Down Under.

Work-Related Matters

For most people, Americans moving to Australia included, knowing what to expect career-wise is pivotal before assembling documents needed to travel abroad. And, the excellent news here is that Aussies are ahead of the game in comparison to most global forces when it comes to labor rights.

What Can You Look Forward to as a Worker in Australia?

Twistian, Slumdog Millionaire, and other innocences and experiences of harsh social realities might be skipped in a country that holds a record in the highest minimum wage globally. Now, that’s an incentive to go for relocating across the world. You can shove learning how to get a job in Europe as an American aside as the work-life balance and perks here are hard to beat.

Besides, the country where Thor: Ragnarok was shot, also prides itself on the award-rate system, which favors the employee and the superannuation program meaning that your pension will be settled by the company you work for. Pretty sweet, right?

Lastly, if you met that divine feeling of becoming one with your work as it engulfed all other parts of your life and you don’t need tips on how to keep in touch with friends because, well, there aren’t many left, you can relax. Work-life balance is celebrated here and burnouts aren’t viewed as badges of honor.

Cost of Living in the Land Down Under

The cost of living in Australia is not mind-numbing and it doesn’t make you start your own fight club to vent your aggression towards capitalism. Still, it’s on the high end of the spectrum, especially since remoteness and the size make the exchange of goods more difficult. If you want to reduce your relocation stress, you’ll feel relieved that Australian centers are still cheaper than some core American and European ones. For instance, Sydney is 5% cheaper than NYC and 6% less expensive than London, according to Expatistan.

How Much Money Do You Need to Immigrate to Australia?

The question of all questions is hard to answer as it depends on whether you plan on a solo debut or to relocate with kids. Secondly, it also depends on the type of visa and whether it entails some financial implications. Still, the safe bet is to save as much as you can prior to moving abroad and count on needing double the amount you’ve foreseen.

What Will You Encounter if You Wish to Rent or Buy?

If you haven’t chosen an outback spot, it might be time to start budgeting. The rent is not negligible in most big cities and no matter whether you’re relocating for love and count on splitting the costs or you’re club lone wolves, you’ll have to search for the best option in terms of cost-efficiency.

The Australian Healthcare System is Different Than the American Model and It Can Save You a Lot of Money

One of the largest reasons behind bankruptcy in the USA is unexpected medical costs and lack of insurance. However, in one of the friendliest countries in the world citizens and permanent residents get the medical attention they need for free. This premium healthcare also falls under the provisions of the Reciprocal Agreement with some countries meaning that citizens of the signatory states may enjoy the same benefits. However, the corona pandemic has stirred some trouble as the systems become overwhelmed so you should double-check if you plan to get involved in international moving or to travel abroad during covid-19.

The Weather in Australia Can Be a Big Surprise

The land of the kangaroo and platypus is usually thought of as a beach paradise as a decade wouldn’t be enough for a person to explore all of the coastal jewels. However, this huge territory spans eight climate zones and packing like you’re relocating to the Bahamas might be a rookie mistake. The average temperatures in some parts resemble summer forever, even to the point of it becoming overwhelming, yet the Australian Alps receive more annual snowfall than the Swiss namesakes. So, it’s all about location after all, and you should have that in mind when preparing your stuff for the arrival of professional packers.

You Have to Complete Each Step of the Process if You Want to Hit the Road

Shipping a car overseas might be an excellent idea, especially in the case of a country where remote and isolated get a different dimension. Still, in case you opt for overseas vehicle shipping, you’ll have to convert your foreign license in a period of six months, and in case you wish to obtain one here, prepare to renounce alcohol during the majority of your course. In case it’s early to say bye to decadence, you can always use public transportation, which is fast and reliable.

Things to Do Are Boundless

What can you do on a continent? Right, it’s where it gets tricky as the answer is pretty much anything, at least we haven’t been able to come up with a list of impossible activities.

However, if you’re a nature lover, you won’t go wrong as the adventure like no other is shrouded in diversity, from rainforests to deserts, beaches, and mountains to Wonders, such as the Great Barrier Reef. But, if you want to live it off while you’re young and prior to searching for the best places to retire in Europe, you shouldn’t worry either as Australians take their partying very seriously.

Australia is Waiting for You

If you’re wondering is it worth moving to Australia, you should weigh the pros and cons of your individual situation and then make a decision best for you. The Land Down Under isn’t as glitzy and ostentatious, sweeping people off their feet at first glance, but if you invest time and open your heart to its wonder, it might surprise you not just in terms of weather.

Once you say yes to exploration, ensure the services of a reputable overseas shipping company to ship everything from your moving to Australia from the USA checklist and make your international moving as smooth as possible.

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